Eupry Wi-Fi data loggers and sensors for freezers

Wi-Fi freezer temperature sensors and data loggers designed for freezers are your route to accurate temperature monitoring. Ensure compliance and safeguard contents with our precise, reliable solutions.

Your freezers will most likely be delicate products that need precise wireless temperature monitoring, and being alerted in time to fix fluctuations in your freezers’ temperatures before damage is caused by freezing or overheating is essential.

Our solution and freezer temperature sensors gives you full control of the process from the beginning to the end, so you do not have to worry about temperature logging ever again, and our wireless data loggers are calibrated to the most stringent standards to ensure that you can rely fully on their readings.

What other features do Eupry’s Wi-Fi temperature data loggers for freezers have?

Below we have listed a number of qualities of our solution and freezer temperature sensors. The list is far from exhaustive, so dive into our solution catalog to learn more.

Track measurements on any screen

The Eupry app lets you easily track and analyze historical measurements and access all your temperature compliance data (across monitoring, mapping, and calibration) in one platform.

Two-year battery life

The Eupry team has developed a long-lasting device that runs for two years on normal AA batteries and lets you know when batteries are running low via text or email.

Real-time monitoring

Always stay on top of your temperature and humidity tracking – with our wireless data loggers, essential data is instantly available at your fingertips.

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Initializing ...

Why should I choose data logging with monitoring over a regular USB data logger?

The key difference between USB and Wi-Fi data loggers is the inability of USB models to send alarms.

Freezer temperatures can fluctuate unnoticed, and USB models only allow you to take action after data is manually extracted rather than preventive actions. Wi-fi-based data loggers allow real-time temperature monitoring and alerts that lets you protect your freezer contents much more efficiently.

Learn more in the comparison article.

Is it possible to calibrate a Eupry Wi-Fi data logger?

Yes, all data loggers are pre-calibrated to meet your specific needs, and continuous calibration is performed according to our patented process, offering the quickest calibration solution available on the market.

The ISO 17025 certified approach features the Eupry "sensor tip." Just swap out the tip, and calibration is complete. Data merges seamlessly, and your certificates are stored online.

How the calibration solution works

Are there any restrictions on the type of freezers the data logger can be used in?

No. Eupry’s Wi-Fi data loggers will work in all types of freezer brands. It does not matter whether it is a high profile medical freezer or a consumer freezer. Below are the most commonly used freezer brands in labs and p Pharmaceutical companies.

  • Liebherr
  • Gram
  • Vestfrost
  • Kirsch
  • ThermoFischer
  • Dometic
  • Panasonic

We have satisfied customers that use our data loggers for freezers in all of these types and brands. Our Wi-Fi data loggers accurately records and tracks temperatures in even the oldest or most sensitive of freezers.

Where in the freezer should I place the data logger?

Freezers typically exhibit both a critical high and a critical low temperature zone, and it is crucial to position data loggers in these areas to capture extreme temperatures.

Choose the location based on the sensitivity of your stored items to either extreme. For freezers with notable temperature fluctuations, installing additional Eupry data loggers at both critical points is advisable.

Identifying these critical zones requires a temperature mapping.

Read more about the temperature mapping guidelines

How do I install the Wi-Fi temperature data loggers in my freezer?

There are three choices when placing the data loggers in your freezer and each is equally effective.

  1. The most common method is simply placing the Eupry data logger on the proper shelf in the freezer.
  2. The second method is mounting the data logger with double sided tape.
  3. The third method is mounting the data logger in the freezer with screws.

Ultimately, the placement of your data logger and how it is installed will be based on the dimensions of your freezer and the critical high and low points.

How do I connect the freezer data loggers to the monitoring platform?

Setting up Eupry’s Wi-Fi temperature data loggers is straightforward: just download our app on a smartphone and register your device. This allows staff accross locations to easily connect.

The temperature monitoring platform enables managers to grant tailored data access to employees, ensuring all organizational layers can effectively monitor and adjust freezer settings. This critical oversight protects your assets from the risks of overheating or freezing.

Got any questions?

Temperature compliance — monitoring, mapping, and data logger calibration — is our thing. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.