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Eupry offers a leading solution for

Storage compliance as a service

Eupry provides a complete portfolio of solutions to monitor and perform validation of temperature, Co2, humidity and differential pressure for regulated industries.

Customers worldwide benefiting from Eupry

Compliance as a service

Empowering you with monitoring and mapping​

When it comes to temperature compliance, Eupry has the most innovative and stable solution on the market

Eupry’s solution is completely wireless and thereby – hassle-free for you to use.

Eupry’s wireless data logger can be used for refrigeration, freezing, heating and logistics

Data loggers are calibrated on arrival and easy to use and watch historic data at the online logging platform.

Eupry’s wireless data logger can be used within the following temperature ranges:

Fridges & Freezers

Placed directly in refrigerators and freezers, operating within -50℃ to +50℃.

Incubators & Heaters

Using a probe, the wireless thermometer can monitor temperatures up to +150°C. 

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Using a probe, the wireless data logger can record temperatures down to -90°C in ULT freezers.


The wireless thermometer can be used during transport as a replacement for USB data loggers.

Our Services


Eupry can save you 80% of time spent on running your monitoring solution with easy installation, wireless data loggers, and with a user-friendly, remote monitoring, ISO accredited yearly calibration system  with continuous access to support.

Our Services

Mapping & Validation

Reduce costs and perform a thermal validation in world record time with Eupry’s Mapping kit and online software which establishes a controlled work flow for you to follow. It’s easy and validated on arrival – ready for use.

Our Products

Eupry has gone one step further and created a world-class innovative system with numerous solutions to ensure easy data logging and quality assurance.

Wireless Data Logger

Temperature [-200C to +200C], CO2, Humidity, Diff Pressure.

Online Software

Watch real time and historic measurements in a user friendly online environment.  


Automatically get new calibrations every year.