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USB Data Loggers vs. Eupry

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What are the key differences, advantages, and disadvantages of USB vs. wireless temperature data loggers?

We have put together this comparison to help you find the right solution if you work in biotech, pharma, or logistics. We will compare products known as USB data loggers, temperature loggers, humidity data loggers and other similarly named products. These products could be EBRO EBI Data logger, ELPRO, Fourtec Microlite, Omega, Testo Saveris etc.

USB data logger (fourtec Microlite)

Eupry Wi-Fi data logger


  • Eupry sends new traceable calibrated data loggers every year.
  • Eupry’s WiFi temperature data logger sends alarms via SMS and email when temperature limits are exceeded.
  • Monitor data easily from an app or web browser with Eupry.
  • Access to our support centre.
  • Eupry’s wireless data logger automatically sends data to our servers which prevents loss of data.
  • With Eupry, a single click can change the settings on all your data loggers at once, saving tons of time.
  • If you have a small setup and it is not important that temperatures are sometimes exceeded, you should buy a USB data logger.

The benefit of allowing Eupry to perform the calibration

Many forget to factor in the price of calibration when purchasing a USB data logger. When it is time to calibrate USB data loggers, you will often need to have several spare data loggers that can be used in the meantime. With Eupry, we send a new traceable calibrated data logger every year. This means that you don’t require any spare data loggers.

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No alarm function vs. Alarms via SMS and email

In some cases, the USB data loggers are equipped with a tiny speaker and a lamp, which will indicate that the temperature is outside the allowed limits. That is little help though if the data logger is placed in a refrigerator, an incubator, or a distant store room.

With Eupry’s Wi-Fi data logger, an alarm is sent via SMS and/or email ensuring that users are notified instantly when limits are exceeded. Users can therefore react in real time instead of discovering that temperature limits had been exceeded after it is too late.

Install a program on a computer vs Access a web app from anywhere

USB data loggers always come with a program that must be installed on a computer to be able to access data. With Eupry, you open a browser and sign into an account when you want to monitor data.

All your Eupry units data will be gathered on 1 account. For some organisations, especially large ones, it’s a time consuming task to get new software approved. Opening an internet browser and a homepage is always fast and always a possibility, wherever you are. By using Euprys self-service account makes it possible for several employees from your team to access data and quickly act if the temperature should change.

Self-service and manuals vs Support staff

USB data loggers often come with a manual to assist with setting up the system, this is the limit of the support you can receive. With Eupry, we have a dedicated online support centre as well as fully trained staff available to call or email whenever you need help. If allowed by the user, Eupry’s staff can look at your system and assist with setting up and configuring it.

USB data transfer vs WiFi connection

The memory on USB data loggers needs to be emptied at least every two weeks. Otherwise data will not be recorded and consequently lost. Eupry’s wireless data logger automatically sends all data to our servers, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing any data and you don’t have to empty the memory every few weeks.

Manual setup vs Automatic settings

If you are using many USB data loggers, you need to set aside plenty of time to perform custom configurations every time data needs to be exported – especially during deployment.

With Eupry however, a single click can change the settings on all data loggers at once. This is possible because the settings are changed directly from Eupry’s homepage

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