We are proud of our partners

We look for distributors and partners who share our vision – temperature compliance should be easy for everyone.

Our service is the complete package, it allows users to start monitoring temperatures without a complex installation or any investment in equipment, straight out of the box.

Create total peace of mind

Customers love our product, it saves them a huge amount of time and hassle.

Our all-in-one solution makes it easy to sell the product and add new companies to our ever growing customer base.

Eupry's business model generates recurring revenue

Our business model is based on a subscription service, generating lucrative revenue streams that recur year upon year.

We like meeting partners that already have a service support setup and have experience handling sales of refrigerators, freezers, incubators, climate chambers and more.

Get the right tools at Eupry

3 days delivery

As a partner you often don’t need any Eupry data loggers in store as we ship within 3 days. This means you can get started right away with only limited startup costs.

We advise you to buy a couple of dataloggers to get a feel for the product – but then again, you don’t need any in storage.

Business case calculator

It is important to understand your clients’ needs. On our Partner Site you therefore have access to a business case calculator. The calculator is a very powerful tool to illustrate to your clients how much time and money they will save by selecting Eupry as their monitoring system.

Product selector

Hold your breath: We have more than 1.000 product combinations in our store! And we still convince our customers that it’s an easy product to understand. The magic is a fully configured product assortment, which you, as a partner has full access to. It is truly easy to understand and it’s a fantastic feeling that you can always offer your clients what they need.

On our Partner Site, you customize the product, based on 5 simple questions that you ask your client. The product is then configured and you get a list price from Eupry. We advise our partners to select a couple of standard products/combinations to promote on your website

World wide support

Have you read the statement from our partner Holm & Halby? We have fantastic customer support and we strive to always get better. As a partner, this is reassuring, as we know your clients are what really matters to you.

Online marketing

We would love to help you market Eupry in your country. If you want to try out the strength of Online Marketing, our confident marketing team will help you set up the necessary tools.

Online partner site

Our Partner Site is a fantastic place to find inspiration. From the Partner Site there is access to different tools such as the business case calculator, product selector, magazines, brochures, manuals and tutorials as well as easy access to Eupry’s Staff.

Ready to become compliance specialist?

Get ready to become a temperature compliance specialist. We regularly post high quality articles and blog posts about Calibration, Mapping studies, temperature fluctuations in heat chambers, and the development of IoT in the medical industry. All this will help you become a specialist like us.

Become a partner

We are on the lookout for new partners around the globe. Typically our partners specialize within industries such as Pharma production, Laboratories, Food Production, Pharmacies, Transport, Logistics, Retail and Server maintenance.