Reduce risks with Eupry’s smarter temperature monitoring solution

  • Print audit reports in 3 clicks
  • Reach quality experts 24/7
  • Calibrate without swapping devices
  • All the data you need in one platform

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Conventional temperature monitoring is slow. And disjointed processes lead to errors.

Our automated solution is reliable monitoring done smarter.

How is it smarter though?

Binder-free reporting. Three-click audits. On-the-spot calibration in less than 10 seconds. All the quality, none of the chaos.

Because temperature compliance shouldn’t be this difficult (or risky).

Beyond traditional monitoring

Responsibilities falling between chairs, deviations galore, and auditing chaos – when mapping, monitoring, and calibration operate in silos, risks multiply.

This is why this solution is more than monitoring.

It is temperature compliance. And it is on auto-pilot.

Get the specifics in our solution catalog

What does that mean?

We made temperature compliance easier by fixing the process and building one, unified solution.

Get full control over all your efforts and access to all data in a single source of truth to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Temperature compliance in one place – no gaps, no mess.

Don’t take our word for it

Here are some of the companies that trust the solution.

High compliance rating by Novo Nordisk

Eupry Aps provided (…) documentation to conclude that procedures and efficient controls to ensure compliance are in place and well-functioning as intended in all key areas/processes.

ISO AUDIT REPORT by Novo Nordisk, June 2023

Client Testimonials

  • “With the audit trail, it is easy to process a non-conformity or prove that everything was within set parameters and have a report ready in compliance with GMP requirements.“

    Dora Adanic

    Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research

15 things you will get out of the monitoring solution

Enjoyable audits

With the monitoring software and real-time data, you can spot issues immediately and export all the required data for audits with just a few clicks.

A single source of truth

No one should spend their time searching for information.

Whether it is an alarm, certificate, full audit trail, or calibration coming up, the solution gives you ONE digital truth across monitoring, mapping, and calibration – all in real-time and accessible from anywhere at any moment.

No compliance surprises

Quality and compliance come first. ISO 17025-accredited, ISO-9001-certified, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11-simplified – rest easy, you are fully compliant.

We are obsessed with compliance, so you don’t have to be.

Read more about the compliance components

Included calibration in a click

Calibration should not be so difficult. We fixed this by designing a physical, patented (yes, we are bragging) “sensor tip”.

When it is calibration time, we simply send you newly calibrated tips, and, instead of replacing the whole logger, you just click a new tip on each device – a few seconds and calibration is done.

Certificates are stored in the system and data is automatically combined.

No more

  • Need to track calibration statuses (the system does this for you)
  • Spare data loggers taking up space
  • Running calibrations (calibrate everything in one go)
  • Idle time holding up operations, mappings, etc.
  • Unexpected calibration costs (it is all included, my friend)
  • Hassle of manual data integration and merging

Client Testimonials

  • Particularly convenient is the automated calibration process where external calibrated sensors are replaced with new calibrated ones automatically.

    Eric Clausen

    Distribution Manager at Freja

  • “Automated temperature monitoring allows us to relax knowing that the temperature is automatically recorded, giving us reliable alarms if temperature deviation occurs.”

    Dora Adanic

    Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research

  • “The dialogue between our companies is great and feedback on queries is received right away with fast and effective response times.“

    Arjang Mehrdad

    Pharmacy Owner at Stevns Pharmacy

One process to rule them all

Control the process and you control compliance.

Relying on disconnected processes is risky. The solution removes the clutter and brings together temperature compliance – monitoring, calibration, and mapping – under one roof so you have full control of the full process and nothing gets lost in the gaps.

Peace of mind

Stable monitoring = product safety. The cloud-based monitoring setup gives you a reliable data source to control that your products and samples are kept secure.

The data loggers are always on, even if Wi-Fi is down, securing your data integrity through reliable, automated, and live monitoring.

Support on your terms

Temperature compliance professionals sit in the ”hot seat”. That is why we are there to support you at every step – if you need us.

The solution gives you 100% control of your monitoring efforts, but should you need assistance, our team of temperature compliance enthusiasts (some would say “nerds”, which we will gladly accept) are more than happy to support you – all day, five days a week.

Digital audit-reporting in 3 clicks

Our system is designed to work in three clicks, whether you need a calibration certificate, a deviation record, or a full audit-ready report. You always have access to the monitoring, calibration, and mapping data you need.

Intelligent deviation management

Custom alarms and the specialized deviation management tool let you respond fast and easily handle any deviation – from identification to documentation and investigation.

Even small fluctuations in temperatures can have an impact on the quality of our samples. Eupry gives us trustworthy insights into this, essential in our work to make cancer vaccines real.

Jennifer Bintz, Research Technician at InProTher

Confidence that everything just works (compliantly)

Removing manual tasks means removing manual errors – and removing the gaps between processes means removing the risk of anything slipping through them. In other words, you will have complete compliance confidence.

A solution that changes with you

As your operation expands into new fields or locations, our diverse sensor range and cloud-based system adapt seamlessly – and the subscription model means that adjusting your setup is only a phone call away.

Financial certainty

Get complete predictability through a subscription model and equipment warranty. If it breaks, we will replace it (but it won’t break).

Developing with your regulatory requirements

Worrying about changes to the compliance scene? A thing of the past.

Our specialists are tuned into every regulatory update (from ISO, FDA, CDC, EMA, WHO, and any other acronym-awarded-agency you can think of). This ensures that the solution – and you – remain one step ahead on the compliance ladder.

Trend analysis made real

Imagine a monitoring solution where all data for a storage unit – across time, data loggers, personnel changes, and SOP updates – is stored in one place, turning the utopia of real trend analysis into reality.

Even when multiple loggers have been used to collect data, it is all automatically connected to the unit. All calibration certificates are connected to the unit. All deviations, their causes, and mitigation are, you guessed it, connected to the unit.

Everything in one system, connected to one unit, creating stable, comparable data year after year.

This is Eupry. It is one of a kind and creates the ability to perform real trending.

Easy installation

No one changes their temperature monitoring system for fun – so we made onboarding as easy as possible to ease this (necessary and worth it) pain.

Many of our customers handle the onboarding themselves in less than a day, but should you prefer, our quality team is ready to handle the full setup.

“A short way of describing our experience with the solution is simply that it is really easy to use. Both to get started and to work with in day-to-day operations.”

Allan Toft Jacobsen, Lab Specialist & COO at European Sperm Bank

Client Testimonials

  • I have nothing but praise for Eupry. They have invented a system, that is simple and does everything it promises. Loggers are reliable and the user interface is logical, intuitive, and detailed in a way so I can easily monitor and pull out reports.”

    Allan Witt

    GDP Responsible Person at Worldwide Flight Service

How the solution works

Eupry provides Wi-Fi-based monitoring, calibration, and mapping in one connected, automated, and accredited solution.

1. You receive what you need

You receive and install the amount of wireless data loggers relevant to you.

All loggers are connected to the monitoring platform. They are simple to install and can automatically connect to your network and merge data – and a quality expert will be there to assist if you need them.

The Eupry data loggers were easy and convenient to set up, the flexibility of the system offers the possibility to be aware of any change whenever there is a problem, and more importantly, the archives, which hold all data in the cloud, can be achieved at all times.

Elvis Bergue, Electromechanical and Water Manager at Axonova

2. Data is transferred in real-time

The lightweight, wireless data loggers automatically transfer your data through Wi-Fi to the included cloud-based software platform – no more USB transfers.

The solution digitalizes and automates all of our previously manual procedures.”

Christina Andersen, Quality Manager at DTU Health Tech

The data can easily be accessed merely seconds after setup.”

Pia Schytte Hansen, Head Lab Technician at Thermo Fisher Scientific

3. You control compliance (on any screen)

You now fully control your temperature compliance, and handling deviations becomes a non-issue.

The digital overview guarantees that you are always on top of the situation, real-time monitoring and custom alerts let you act on deviations right away, and the deviation module automatically logs alarms making the creation of NCRs smooth sailing.

I can easily monitor all data from my laptop and cellphone. I know if something is wrong, as I receive alarm notifications instantly.

Zhe Liu, Process engineer at Quantech

4. You have all the data you need

Spend less time hunting information. ALL your temperature data is automatically stored and accessible in one digital place from anywhere.

Find and download calibration certificates, temperature reports, non-conformance reports, full audit reports, and much more with just a few clicks.

It saves a lot of time to just be able to click and say: ‘Please make a graph for this sensor and this time period.’ It is very simple.

Thomas Schmidt, CTO, B Science Global.

I can do the data collection and reporting remotely. This applies well to the US.

Daniel Wassell, Equipment Validation Engineer at Biocair US

5. Calibration without swapping devices

Recurring calibration of data loggers is handled for free, without you needing to switch out or move devices due to our patented technology. You can now calibrate all equipment in one go, ditch the need for spare data loggers, avoid delays, and cut time spent to only seconds per logger.

The calibration of the Eupry temperature loggers is easy and quick. I received a box with the new sensors (…) It took me under an hour to calibrate 40 loggers – including the time it took to find the refrigerators.

Kasper H. Christophersen, Research Associate at Novozymes

Learn more about how Eupry’s patented calibration technology works.

6. We help you stay compliant

We are tuned in to every ISO update and FDA announcement. That is how we help you not only become but also stay compliant, keeping up with the evolving regulations of your industry – and when something unexpected happens or you need advice, our quality team is always a phone call away.

The service you get from Eupry is a lot better. You can always get in contact with them, and they are very professional.

Anders Rasmussen, Senior Logistic Manager, Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

7. You scale up or down with a call

When your operation evolves, the temperature monitoring system scales with it.

When it is time to adapt your equipment, operational procedures, product types, or locations, the subscription model gives you the flexibility to adjust the amount and type of monitoring equipment with just a call – and the wireless setup and automatic data pairing let you effortlessly integrate new sensors in your setup.

The optional step: Uncomplicate your temperature mappings

As an extra feature, you can leverage the solution to simplify your mapping process by either:

  1. renting a mapping kit with extra loggers and utilizing the validation software to simplify everything from protocol design to data analysis and reporting
  2. letting our validation specialists take care of everything for you.

Save time, costs, and compliance worries.

Eupry’s mapping process was fast, precise, and user-friendly.

Andreas Schultz, Quality Manager at Worldwide Flight Service

Learn more about Eurpy’s mapping solution. Find more details in our catalog

Data loggers have feelings too (and Kyle is in the fridge)

Every one of the wireless data loggers comes with a name – not just because they do so much more than log data, but to make them easier for you to locate.

Prevent mistakes and stop the hunt for data

With a connected, less-mess process and automated solution.

Learn more in our solution catalog.

Initializing ...

Built for your industry

Eupry's wireless compliance solution is meticulously designed to meet the unique and ever-evolving temperature monitoring needs of different industries.

For logistics

The solution is designed for the specific challenges of temperature monitoring in warehouses and other logistics environments – from managing multiple locations and diverse goods to maintaining robust wireless connectivity and seamless data integration across large storage areas.

  • Robust for large facilities

    Wireless setup, Wi-Fi-based data loggers, and robust connectivity mean that the solution easily accommodates large spaces.

  • Tailored support

    Our compliance specialists can help you define everything from the optimal setup based on your specific floor plans to the diverse needs of different products.

  • Remote access

    No need to access individual devices, which can be pretty neat in a big storage space, and data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • Compliance with industry standards

    The system is fully aligned with the FDA’s enforcement of GDP, and compliance levels are flexible catering to various goods and helping to control costs.

  • Easy identification

    Data loggers follow a naming convention to make it easier for you to locate specific devices in larger areas.

For pharma

Eupry's solution addresses the stringent regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Simple audit processes

    Digital tools to export audit-ready reports with a few clicks.

  • Compliance in the forefront

    ISO 17025-accredited calibration, ISO 9001 accreditation, ISO 27001 security, and a specialized FDA 21 CFR Part 11 module.

  • Continuous data integrity

    Reliable backup systems, secure storage, user access control, and much more.

  • From lab settings to mass production

    Adapting to the needs of the entire pharmaceutical value chain – from R&D to GMP and GDP.

For biotech

In the fast-paced world of biotech, the system offers flexibility and precision.

  • Accuracy

    Accuracy: High-precision sensors support good laboratory practice (GLP) with accredited calibration.

  • Simplifying auditing

    Robust deviation management and reporting tools.

  • Scalability

    The subscription model, easy installation, and flexible wireless setup accommodate the rapid growth of many biotech operations.

  • Automated data recording

    Ensuring data integrity and real-time alerts.

Client Testimonials

  • “We distribute to 70-plus countries across the world. With Eupry, we have a proper overview of what is going on in all our equipment across all of our sites.”

    Allan Toft Jacobsen

    Chief Operating Officer at European Sperm Bank

  • “All of the loggers have proven their worth and saved precious samples on several occasions when freezers broke or were accidentally left open.“

    Anja Pomowski

    Senior Scientist Antibody Production at Antikor

Looking for other industries?

Eupry's temperature compliance solution is also beneficial across other industries like cosmetics, healthcare, and pharmacies, where the preservation of product integrity is critical.

The compliance components

All your compliance boxes? Consider them ticked. Plus, we keep you ahead as requirements develop.

Novo Nordisk audited

Compliance rated high by Novo Nordisk Novo Nordisk audited our temperature monitoring solution and awarded it a “High” compliance rating.

Eupry Aps provided enough documentation to conclude that procedures and efficient controls to ensure compliance are in place and well-functioning as intended in all key areas/processes, and that management and employees displayed strong understanding and positive attitude in regard to compliance,

ISO AUDIT REPORT by Novo Nordisk, June 2023

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance made easy

The system has a specialized 21 CFR Part 11 module and makes it simple to comply with the regulation.

  • Fully validated system
  • Digitally sign changes
  • Export audit logs

And much more.

ISO 9001 certified: A mark of uncompromised quality

With Eupry, you are choosing a partner who values quality as much as you do.

Our ISO 9001 certification underlines this commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction. You will experience processes and services that meet the highest quality benchmarks, essential for industries like logistics, pharma, and biotechnology, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and trust.

Learn more in the monitoring solution catalog

Included calibration

Simple calibration without downtime

No more worrying about (inefficient) calibration.

Our patented technology reshapes the way data logger calibrations are handled to greatly simplify the process.

New calibrated sensors are sent when you need them to be replaced in seconds. Data is automatically merged and certificates are stored in the software.

No extra loggers, no downtime, and no fragmented data.

Choose between ISO 17025 accredited or traceable 3-point calibration.

The calibration is included in the service with no extra costs.

Particularly convenient is the automated calibration process where external calibrated sensors are replaced with new calibrated ones automatically,

Eric Clausen Distribution Manager at Freja

Validated software

IT-validated compliance software your IT department will love

The monitoring software is fully validated – a critical factor for regulated industries like pharma and biotech. The validation ensures that the software meets industry standards and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of costly errors or data integrity issues.

Qualification protocol

IQ OQ Qualification protocol included

The included Qualification Protocol helps you achieve GxP compliance with a custom-designed process for temperature monitoring.

This ensures:

  • proper installation of the temperature monitoring system.
  • correct configuration of all settings.
  • effective procedures for managing alarms and deviations.
Data security

Secure storage of all your data

Data security is handled according to ISO 27001 and Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11 Framework standards. All data is encrypted using AES and stored with continual backup procedures for up to five years.

Personal data

Safe storage of personal data

Personal data is handled according to CCPA and GDPR standards, providing an extra layer of assurance for your data's security. In today's data-driven world, regulated industries such as pharma and biotech can't afford to take risks when it comes to personal data, and the service is designed to adhere to the highest standards supporting your compliance.

How the platform works

No one should spend time searching for data. So, we collected it all in our temperature compliance platform.

Watch real-time and historic measurements in a user-friendly, IT-validated platform that holds all your temperature compliance data – from calibration certificates to alarms, deviation reports, and mapping data.

On the platform, you can, for instance, find:

Smarter temperature mappings included

Use our mapping solutions to save time, cut costs, and heighten your study quality. Go hands-on with a leased mapping kit and the specialized mapping software or let our specialists take care of everything for you.

With the mapping solution, you will be able to:

  • Identify issues instantly to reduce risks and costly delays.
  • Generate a full report tracking the study.
  • Easily review certifications before the mapping.

Learn more about our temperature mapping kit and full solution

Client Testimonials

  • The Eupry loggers make our life very easy. We just insert the probes in the freezer, switch it on, wait for 24 hours, and then generate a very simple and easy test report.”

    Thomas Schmidt

    Chief Technology Officer at B Science Global

Technical specifications of the data loggers

Find the equipment that fits your need – or let us help you decide.

Get more details in the catalog

Need more details?

Let us talk. Book a 15-minute session to talk about how you can utilize the automated temperature compliance solution for your needs.

Would you rather explore on your own?

It is your lucky day. Download our solution catalog.

Frequently asked questions about Eupry’s temperature monitoring solution

What is Eupry's temperature compliance solution?

Eupry’s solution is about more than temperature monitoring, it is about one connected temperature compliance process integrating monitoring, calibration, and mapping into one streamlined and automated system.

This gives you control of the entire process. One process, zero gaps, full compliance. No matter the size and type of your operation.

See how it works

Why should temperature compliance be handled as one?

Disconnected processes can lead to inefficiency, bottlenecks, and compliance risks, with tasks slipping through the cracks. Consequently, integrating monitoring, calibration, and mapping will help streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce risks.

Discover more about the benefits of unified temperature compliance.

How does the solution simplify temperature compliance?

Eupry is put in this world to simplify temperature compliance – because it shouldn’t be hard to secure the quality of your products. We do this by combining essential processes in a single digital platform. This reduces manual effort, increases accuracy, minimizes mistakes, and lets you always have the information you need right at your fingertips.

Can the solution be used for monitoring more than temperature?

Yes, aside from temperature, the solution can be utilized to monitor relative humidity, CO2, and differential pressure.

What industries is Eupry's monitoring solution built for?

The temperature compliance and monitoring solution is ideal for logistics, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, but can also be utilized in other regulated industries requiring temperature control.

How does the patented calibration technology work?

Our patented calibration technology (ALIIO, patented 2023) involves external “sensor tips” for data loggers. The technology makes it possible to do quick, on-site calibration without needing to replace the entire data logger. This saves time, resources, and disturbances to your operation.

Learn more about the calibration solution.

How can the temperature monitoring solution grow with my operations?

The solution is designed to change and scale with your company. By offering a flexible subscription model, a large variation in sensor types, and an easily-installed wireless setup it adapts easily to changing needs.

How does Eupry ensure data integrity and security?

Data integrity is at the core of our system and is ensured through a range of different measures. For instance, the system is fully validated, includes continual backup procedures, and has a specialized FDA 21 CFR Part 11 module. IT security is handled according to ISO27001 standards, data storage is encrypted, and we are ISO 9001 credited.

Want to learn more about how we handle data integrity at Eupry?

Book a short talk and we will be more than happy to go through the details.

Can Eupry's solution be used by non-compliance professionals?

Definitely. The system is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible for people working in all occupations through an intuitive interface, easy setup, and straightforward reporting.

How long does it typically take to install and onboard the solution?

Onboarding with our system is quick and efficient, typically taking less than a day for customers to complete themselves, with full support available from our quality team if needed.

How much does Eupry’s monitoring solution cost?

Eupry's pricing is tailored to meet diverse needs, offering a flexible subscription model that allows customization based on the scale and requirements of your operation.

In other words, the price depends on your needs – get a price here.

How does Eupry make sure the solution stays up to date with regulations?

Eupry’s dedicated quality team works hard to keep the temperature compliance solution one step ahead in the compliance landscape at all times. They do this by staying updated on any regulatory changes by closely monitoring updates from all relevant bodies like ISO, FDA, CDC, and EMA, ensuring the solution and its users remain compliant with the latest standards.

In a nutshell:

Temperature compliance shouldn’t be hard

Eupry’s temperature monitoring solution is built on this belief.

To part ways with the old-school, disconnected, labor-intensive, and error-prone ways of working, our (compliance-crazy) founder team decided to get the process right.

Believing that when monitoring, mapping, and calibration all work together, it is possible to do things simpler, faster, and better, they constructed a process and built a system that includes all of temperature compliance.

Learn more today

Lose the frustration about "audits to come", reduce time, heighten compliance, and always have the answers you need.