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Get an overview of how Eupry’s products can help with automating temperature compliance: monitoring, calibration and mapping of temperatures, humidity, CO2 and diff. pressure.

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Client Testimonials

  • “All of the loggers have proven their worth and saved precious samples on several occasions when freezers broke or were accidentally left open.“

    Anja Pomowski

    Senior Scientist Antibody Production at Antikor

  • “The Eupry data loggers were easy and convenient to set up, the flexibility of the system offers the possibility to be aware of any change whenever there is a problem, and more importantly, the archives which hold all data in the cloud can be achieved at all times.”

    Elvis Bergue

    Electromechanical and Water Manager at Axonova

  • “The data can easily be accessed merely seconds after setup.”

    Pia Schytte Hansen

    Head Lab Technician at Thermo Fischer Scientific