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How to use a mapping kit for your temperature mapping

Save time by using a user-friendly mapping kit with all the equipment you need to conduct a reliable temperature mapping.

See how Eupry's mapping solutions works

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Why do we need qualification in the first place?

Qualification of temperature-controlled equipment and facilities is a key process that ensures that stored goods are kept within certain temperature limits when operated. Temperature mapping reviews the temperature distribution in a particular space.

When operating cooling equipment, the dynamics of the equipment will change according to loading, use, and age. Therefore it is important that the distribution of temperature is qualified or mapped before use, and at regular time intervals. This ensures and documents that the temperature is uniform and stable inside the equipment, and that all locations inside the equipment can be used for storing sensitive assets.

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Secure reliable results with Eupry’s temperature mapping kit

Eupry's mapping kit provides a smarter way to carry out successful mappings. The mapping kit comes with all the equipment you need, specialized mapping software, ISO 17025 accredited or traceable calibration, a wireless base station, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

How the mapping solution works

How the kit makes your mappings easier

  • Real-time, wireless monitoring: The wireless data loggers allow you to track the process during the entire study. This will allow you to identify and act on issues immediately, save time, and avoid re-doing the study. You also don’t have to manually transfer information from each data logger to a computer.
  • Automatic transfer and export of data: Going from OQ to PQ does not require taking the data loggers out of the climate chamber, refrigerator, or cooler, but can be done with just a few clicks.
  • Digital documentation: Download documents with one click – no manual document handling.
  • Calibrated data loggers: The data loggers in the mapping kit are calibrated at Eupry’s accredited laboratory when handed in. This ensures fast inspection and calibration without any idle time. Calibration certificates can be located online in the software whenever needed.
  • Historic data access: You can easily assess how your equipment is changing over time with access to 5 years of temperature data.
  • Accreditation: DANAK accredited ISO17025 calibrated and ISO 9001 certified.
  • Compliance: FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compliant.
  • Documentation: IQ, OQ, PQ documentation.

How does the temperature mapping kit work

  1. You receive the kit with the amount of calibrated data loggers (either accredited or traceable) you need, with an MPE of 0.5°C
  2. You place the data loggers according to the agreed qualification plan (we can help you with that as well)
  3. You out the exercise
  4. Follow the study and analyze results in the specialized mapping software
  5. Print out the mapping report with only a few clicks

5 reasons to choose Eupry’s temperautre mapping kit

  1. The kit is easy to use, it comes complete with all the equipment and documentation you will need.
  2. We make sure you get the type of calibration you need fast and flexibly.
  3. Eupry’s laboratory is accredited by DANAK in ISO 17025.
  4. The system is cost effective – you can carry out the qualification yourself and do not need to purchase equipment.
  5. You are able to follow the qualification process live and interrupt the test if the equipment needs to be adjusted thereby avoiding costly errors and study redos.

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