Your partners for temperature and humidity monitoring

Eupry follows your scientific equipment from cradle to grave with thermal validation (mapping) and ongoing monitoring. We constantly innovate compliance solutions to make time surrender itself to you.


From €200/yearly

Monitoring scientific equipment such as refrigerators, freezers incubators. Easy to install and wide regulatory application area.

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  • User-friendly cloud based and IT validated monitoring software
  • WiFi Data Logger with Temperature and humidity
  • Pay per use ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Community SLA & Online onboarding

Be fully compliant

Everything for companies with GMP, GDP & GLP requirements. Patented automated calibration process, Global service. For ULT, Freezers, Fridges, Cold storages, Warehouse. With IOQ protocols service and onboarding


Custom solution

For installation above 500 measuring points (or for tenders), our customers often need a business case or CapEx-based pricing and other specific feature requests. Does this apply to you? Not a problem – reach out to discuss your needs with our quality specialists to pinpoint the ideal setup for you.

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  • Everything from GxP Compliance
  • Enterprise software with API to FMS, SCADA or HVAC
  • Patented ISO 17025 yearly calibration process
  • Free business case & Quality Questionnaire included

"We have saved around 50-70% of the time we spend on temperature monitoring."

Anders Rasmussen, Senior Logistic Manager at Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

What is included

All the features you need to handle temperature compliance in a simpler way securing data integrity along the way.

  • Full compliance – ticking all boxes (and sharing the documentation)

    • Access to all our compliance documentation
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
    • IT validated software and hardware validation
    • ISO27002 and ISO9001 adherence
    • ISO17025 accredited lab
    • Backup in three countries
  • Audit reporting – reporting in three clicks

    • Advanced export functions
    • Sensor data, calibration, and deviation reporting in one
    • Audit log (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance)
    • Deviation management
    • All system data exports in CSV or PDF
  • Expert support – access to quality specialists

    • Phone support
    • Email support
    • Feature request
    • Customizable SLAs
  • Secure integrations – use compliance data in your systems

    • Integrate with your systems through a secure Rest API
    • Access to full documentation package
  • Flexible alarm system – avoid false negatives

    • SMS, email, and phone alarms
    • Scheduling, escalation, and forwarding
    • Low Battery warning
    • Sensor alarming (temperature, humidity)
    • Breakdown, battery, and failure alarming
    • Network monitoring and alarming
  • Monitoring software – all-in-one platform

    • User-friendly monitoring and overview
    • Hierarchical grouping of sensors
    • User management
    • Alarm and deviation handling
    • Calibration overview
    • Data export
  • Data logger – patented sensor platform

    • 2.4ghz WiFi data logger is connected to all sensors
    • Up to 2-year battery holdover including battery replacement
    • Size: 91.5mm x 37mm x 33mm
    • Weight: 84g Casing: ABS Polymer Operating temperature: -50°C to +50°C (-58°F to 122°F) Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
    • Identification: Unique GS1 GRAI Data Matrix Code and a “personal” name
  • +10 Sensors available

    • All sensors can be connected to all Eupry data loggers
    • Monitor temperatures and humidity in refrigerators, ovens, incubators, freezers, ULT freezers, warehouses, etc.
    • Utilize sensors for temperature mappings
  • Fastest calibration process – patented calibration technology

    • ISO17025 accredited calibration
    • Recurring calibration interval yearly, quarterly, or monthly
    • Temperature from -180 to +200C
    • Humidity from 0-99% Rh
  • Easy wireless connection – without IT involvement

    • Use your own Wi-Fi
    • Use our base stations connected to your LAN
    • Use our base stations and connect directly to 4G/3G without involving IT
  • Compliance platform – access to all our software

    • Data synced to all of Eupry’s software applications
    • Validation platform to speed up the validation process
    • Specialized software for simplifying temperature mapping
  • Qualification and quality – complete documentation package included

    • IQ OQ Qualification documentation
    • Tailor-made qualification protocol
    • Access to Quality experts for assistance with protocols, validation, etc.

The sensors

We removed the cumbersomeness of calibrations with our patented Aliio technology. The sensors work as easily-changeable calibration “antennas” that allow you to calibrate without switching devices – making it the most cost-effective calibration solution on the market.

The solution offers sensors for all temperature and humidity monitoring requirements.

P1T - External Temperature Sensor

Temperature operating range: -50°C to +50°C (-58°F to 122°F). Resolution: 0.01°C (0.018°F).

P1TH - External Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature operating range: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to 122°F). Resolution: 0.01°C (0.018°F).

P1CTH - External CO2, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature operating range: -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F). Resolution: 0.01 °C (0.018 °F).

P2T - External Temperature Probe

Temperature operating range: -90 °C to +50 °C (-130 °F to 122 °F). Resolution: 0.03 °C (0.054 °F)

P2TH - External Temperature & Humidity Probe

Temperature operating range: -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to 212°F). Resolution: 0.01°C (0.018°F)

P2T1 - External Temperature Teflon Probe

Temperature operating range: -200 °C to +200 °C (-320.8 °F to 392 °F). Resolution: 0.03 °C (0.054 °F)

P3T - External High Precision Temperature Probe

Temperature operating range: -55°C to +150°C (-67 °F to 302 °F). Resolution: 0.01 °C (0.018 °F)

P2T2 - External Temperature Thermocouple Probe

Temperature operating range: -40 °C to 1100 °C. Resolution: 0.25 °C

P5T - Externam Temperature Silicone Probe (5m)

Temperature operating range: -90 °C to +150 °C (-320.8 °F to 302 °F). Resolution: 0.03 °C (0.054 °F)

P5T1 - External Temperature Teflon Probe (5m)

Temperature operating range: -200 °C to +200 °C (-320.8 °F to 392 °F). Resolution: 0.03 °C (0.054 °F)