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Learn about how companies around the globe use the service provided by Eupry, and how it benefits their work in different ways. Dive into their stories below.

All of the loggers have proven their worth and saved precious samples on several occasions when freezers broke or were accidentally left open overnight. Also, we are very pleased with the always fantastic customer support.

Anja Pomowski

Senior Scientist Antibody Production at Antikor

“I would absolutely recommend Eupry to other companies. I’m saving a lot of time, as I can train local people four hours prior to the mapping study so they can do the hands-on work on location.

There is no travel involved and I can do the data collection and reporting remotely. Eupry’s program is the only one that I’ve found that can do that. This applies well to the US.”

Daniel Wassell

Equipment Validation Engineer at Biocair US

“It was great working with the Eupry team. There was immediate assistance whenever required, and quick set-up of a few specific settings, that we asked for during our temperature mapping.”

Krishna P. Kurada

QA at Sciegen Pharmaceuticals

“The plan for the mapping study was designed according to our needs and installed with the help of the Eupry Quality team. Eupry was very professional and informative throughout the process, providing us with high-quality service…”

Joakim Sund

Qualitative Assurance Specialist at DSV Sweden

Watch how users of Eupry reduce time and automate processes

Eupry specializes in making temperature monitoring and mapping as effortless as possible.

“It was a very good experience to go from manual to automated temperature monitoring. Eupry is simple and very easy to use.”  

Allan Toft Jacobsen & Dorte Egeberg

COO & Lab Specialist

“I have saved around 50-70% of time handling temperature monitoring after using Eupry.”

Anders Rasmussen

Senior Logistic Manager

“It is much more fun to work, when you have an automatic and wireless system like Eupry.”

Thomas Schmidt


First, Eupry is a time saver! In comparison with manual temperature monitoring, Eupry saves us more than 500 working hours yearly, allowing us to use that time for other important tasks, increasing the productivity of lab personnel. 

Second, automated temperature monitoring and recording allow us to relax during the weekend or out of working hours, knowing that the temperature is automatically recorded and easily monitored via the Eupry app, giving us reliable alarm notifications if temperature deviation occurs. 

With the audit trail, it is easy to process the non-conformity or to prove that everything was within set parameters, so we can have the report ready in compliance with GMP requirements.

Dora Adanic

Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research

“Even small fluctuations in our freezer temperatures can have an impact on the quality of our samples. Eupry gives us trustworthy insights into this. This is essential in our work for making cancer vaccines real.”

Eupry’s system offers a very user-friendly day-to-day interface.

Eupry delivers a turnkey service enabling us to be more efficient in our work with compliance so we can deliver quality products to our customers.

Particularly convenient is the automated calibration process where external calibrated sensors are replaced with new calibrated ones automatically every 12 months.

Eric Clausen

Distribution Manager at Freja

“In our lab, we use an e-beam lithography tool, which requires very stable room temperatures. That’s why we are using Eupry.

I can easily monitor all data from my laptop and cell phone. I know if something is wrong, as I receive alarm notifications instantly. The loggers are small and wireless, which is very convenient for us as it can be put anywhere needed.”

Zhe Liu

Process engineer at Quantech

“The calibration of the Eupry temperature loggers is both easy and quickly done. I received a box by mail with the new propers and batteries. Everything worked and fitted as it should and the reliability of the loggers was proved. 

It took me under an hour to calibrate about 40 loggers – including the time it took to find the refrigerators. The Eupry loggers are important for each of our departments in keeping a high quality of all freezers and refrigerators. I can recommend Eupry to anyone.”

Kasper H. Christophersen

Research Associate at Novozymes

“The service provided by Eupry has been flawless and perfect. The dialogue between our companies is great and feedback on queries is received right away with fast and effective response times. 

If a rare challenge arises it is quickly resolved by the Eupry Support Team. This means a lot to us.”

Arjang Mehrdad

Pharmacy Owner at Stevns Pharmacy


The Eupry data loggers were easy and convenient to set up, the flexibility of the system offers the possibility to be aware of any change whenever there is a problem, and more importantly, the archives which hold all data in the cloud can be achieved at all times. We can formally say that the temperature monitoring system complies with our requirements

Elvis Bergue

Electromechanical and Water Manager at Axonova

“I have nothing but praise for Eupry. I believe that Eupry truly understands its customers’ needs. They have invented a system, that is simple and does everything it promises. 

Loggers are reliable and the user interface is logical, intuitive, and detailed in a way so I can easily monitor the daily operation and pull out reports documenting historical data to suit requests and requirements from both customers and auditors.”

Allan Witt

GDP Responsible Person at Worldwide Flight Service

“We chose Eupry because they offer a cost-effective, turn-key solution that reduces a lot of wasted time. Their solution digitalises and automates all of our previously manual procedures.”

Christina Andersen

Quality Manager at DTU Health Tech

“Eupry provides a very smart solution for temperature monitoring of fridges and coolers in a small lab. The data can easily be accessed on a smartphone merely seconds after setup. 

Finally, the competent and helpful members of staff from Eupry make sure that everything runs smoothly.”

Pia Schytte Hansen

Head Lab Technician at Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Eupry provides an excellent service, the equipment works fine and the questions and requests I have had have been answered promptly and seriously. Thank you.”

Mette Nielsen

Regulatory Affairs Advisor at Matas

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