Collect and automate temperature compliance with Eupry

Reduce risks, spend less time, and gain full control of your temperature compliance with Eupry’s automated and connected solution – integrating monitoring, mapping, and calibration into one compliant package.

  • Audit-ready reports in 3 clicks across fields
  • Automated monitoring in real-time
  • The fastest calibration on the market
  • One digital platform with all data

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Client Testimonials

  • “We chose Eupry because they offer a cost-effective, turn-key solution that reduces a lot of wasted time. The solution digitalizes and automates all of our previously manual procedures.”

    Christina Andersen

    Quality Manager at DTU Health Tech

  • “The Eupry data loggers were easy and convenient to set up, the flexibility of the system offers the possibility to be aware of any change whenever there is a problem, and more importantly, the archives which hold all data in the cloud can be achieved at all times.”

    Elvis Bergue

    Electromechanical and Water Manager at Axonova

  • I have nothing but praise for Eupry. They have invented a system, that is simple and does everything it promises. Loggers are reliable and the user interface is logical, intuitive, and detailed in a way so I can easily monitor and pull out reports.”

    Allan Witt

    GDP Responsible Person at Worldwide Flight Service

One truth for temperature compliance

Traditional temperature compliance is a time-drainer for GxP-compliant companies and is often defined by recurring, complex tasks and siloed, disconnected processes with a lot of room for error; but it does not have to be.

Eupry’s solution unifies all your temperature compliance efforts – from monitoring to data logger calibration and mappings – giving you full control over the entire process, access to all data in a single platform, and assurance that nothing will fall between the cracks.

How it works - the core parts of the solution

1. Easy and (extremely) quick calibration with a click

Calibration can be a labour-heavy, time-consuming, and, honestly, quite painful process.

Eupry's ISO 17025-accredited calibration lab and patented technology make calibration a non-issue, eliminating operational holdups, costly and interfering external technicians, and worries about keeping up with schedules.

How it works The Eupry sensor tip is the cornerstone of the solution. Instead of switching out the whole data logger, you simply replace the sensor tip, and you are done – it is that simple.

The 5 steps of Eupry's calibration process:

  1. Calibration notice: The system notifies you about upcoming calibrations. No need for manual overviews.
  2. Receive sensor tips: We send you newly calibrated sensor tips for all your loggers.
  3. Replace sensor tips: You simply replace the tips on each logger. Your work is now done.
  4. Digital twin: The data is automatically merged and connected to the relevant fridge, freezer, or facility, giving you access to historical data across calibrations.
  5. Certificates are uploaded: All certificates are automatically added to the platform.

This means you will no longer have to deal with:

  • Tracking calibration schedules – the platform does it for you.
  • Staggered calibration due to limited loggers – calibrate in one go.
  • Downtime – waiting on calibration, holding up operations.
  • Unexpected calibration costs – it is all included.
  • Manual data merging – it happens automatically.

Client Testimonials

  • It took me under an hour to calibrate 40 loggers – including the time it took to find the refrigerators.”

    Kasper H. Christophersen

    Research Associate at Novozymes

  • "We have saved around 50-70% of the time we spent on temperature monitoring."

    Anders Rasmussen

    Senior Logistic Manager at Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

2. Real-time temperature monitoring making your audits smooth sailing

Eupry’s wireless monitoring solution is temperature and humidity tracking done smarter.

How it works

Live monitoring, audit-ready reports ready to be exported with only 3 clicks, automatic data transfer, deviation logging, specialized FDA 21 CFR Part 11 module, custom alarms, and much more will make your monitoring – and audits – a walk in the compliance park.

Dive into the details of how the monitoring part works.

3. Simple temperature mapping that gets you accurate results

With Eupry’s mapping solutions, you get reliable results with minimal work.

  • Easy digital reporting
  • GxP-compliant mapping kit
  • Validation experts on call
  • Calibration included
  • No idle time

How it works

Choose between:

  • renting a mapping kit and handle things yourself
  • letting our experts take care of the process for you

Either way, GxP-compliant equipment and digital reporting gives you full control and confidence in your next temperature mapping study.

The foundation: Our mapping solution is designed with a legal basis in cGMP, USP <1079>, and EudraLex Volume 4 Part 1 Chapter 3, and based on guidance from WHO guidelines, ISPE Standard, DKD-R 5, and FD X 15-140.

Client Testimonials

  • “Eupry’s mapping process was fast, precise, and user-friendly.“

    Andreas Schultz

    Quality Manager at Worldwide Flight Service

  • The response times and availability from Eupry were very impressive. We have continuously been in contact with each other every step of the way. They helped us carry out various tests and assisted in the interpretation of the data – coming up with suggestions or feedback on whether the results were compatible with our requirements. It was undoubtedly a well-put partnership

    Joakim Sund

    Quality Assurance Specialist at DSV Sweden

4. Support on your terms

Temperature compliance professionals sit in the ”hot seat”. That is why support is at the core of our solution. Our team of validation experts and temperature compliance devotees, are ready to support you, whenever you need it – all day, all week.

The dialogue between our companies is great and feedback on queries is received right away with fast and effective response times.

Arjang Mehrdad, Pharmacy Owner at Stevns Pharmacy

5. The technical bits that make it all possible

The wireless loggers that secure reliable data

Eupry's lightweight and wireless data loggers automatically sync data to the platform in real-time, and stay on even if Wi-Fi is down. Our diverse range of sensors covers everything from extreme cold to relative humidity.

Learn more about the data loggers and sensors.

The platform that holds all your data

No more data-hide-and-seek. All your temperature compliance info, from calibration certificates to deviations, logs, and audit reports, neatly packaged in one platform.

See how the platform works.

Client Testimonials

  • “All of the loggers have proven their worth and saved precious samples on several occasions when freezers broke or were accidentally left open.“

    Anja Pomowski

    Senior Scientist Antibody Production at Antikor

  • “The loggers are reliable and the user interface is logical, intuitive, and detailed in a way that I can easily monitor the daily operation and pull out reports documenting historical data to suit requests and requirements from both customers and auditors.”

    Allan Witt

    GDP Responsible Person at Worldwide Flight Service

See all the details in our solution catalog

One compliance solution covering the full lifecycle of your unit

No matter if it is a fridge, a warehouse, or a distribution center, the solution covers compliance for the full lifecycle of your temperature-controlled unit or storage facility.

It often looks something like this:

Compliance certainty

No more worrying about the ever-changing compliance landscape.

For us, compliance comes first, and ensuring that your requirements are always fulfilled is our top priority. We stay up-to-date with every regulatory change (from ISO, FDA, WHO, and any other agency you can think of), guaranteeing that the solution, and you, are always at the forefront of compliance.

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 module
  • ISO 17025-accredited calibration
  • ISO 9001-certified quality management
  • High compliance rating by Novo Nordisk
  • Fully IT and hardware-validated

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What is in it for you

All the data you need in ONE place

One solution for complete temperature compliance means always having the (compliant) data you need to impress auditors (yes, we said it) right at your fingertips. Alarms, certificates, or simple records, our platform provides a single source of digital truth for monitoring, mapping, and calibration.

Access everything in real-time, from any location, whenever you need it.

How the platform works

Pleasant audits

With real-time data, you can spot issues immediately and export audit-ready reports with just a few clicks.

With the audit trail, it is easy to process a non-conformity or prove that everything was within set parameters and have a report ready in compliance with GMP requirements.

Dora Adanic Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research

No calibration blockers

Eupry’s calibration solution is calibration so fast that you will think we are overstating it – but we promise, we are not. Handle calibration in minutes, on-site, and without switching out data loggers. No more waiting time, lab disturbances, or compliance worries due to calibrations.

Complete compliance certainty

ISO 17025-accredited calibration, ISO-9001-certified quality, and an FDA 21 CFR Part 11-ready platform – our obsession with compliance means no compliance surprises for you.

Zero worries

Stable, cloud-based monitoring and reliable back-ups secure the integrity of your data and provide a live overview of the conditions for your products and samples. Smart alarms and the deviation management tool allow you to quickly respond and document any deviation.

Analyze trends (for real)

All data, across different loggers, SOPs, and staff changes, is merged and linked to the specific fridge, freezer, or any other unit, giving you access to the historical data needed for actual, genuine trend analysis. Consistent, linked data for accurate, year-over-year trends in one system.

Client Testimonials

  • “The automated calibration process where external calibrated sensors are replaced with new calibrated ones automatically is particularly convenient.”

    Eric Clausen

    Distribution Manager at Freja

  • “Automated temperature monitoring allows us to relax knowing that the temperature is automatically recorded, giving us reliable alarms if temperature deviation occurs.”

    Dora Adanic

    Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research

  • “Even small fluctuations in temperatures can have an impact on the quality of our samples. Eupry gives us trustworthy insights into this, essential in our work to make cancer vaccines real.”

    Jennifer Bintz

    Research Technician at InProTher

A solution that grows with you

New locations? New product types? With extensive sensor selection, wireless data loggers, and a cloud-based system, adjusting your setup is just a call away.

Predictable (and minimized) finances

Not only is the solution cost-effective, compared to disconnected solutions that often come with a lot of – more or less hidden – costs, but the subscription model and full equipment warranty also give you complete financial predictability. In other words, your finance department will love you.


Installation with minimal fuss

No one likes change. Or at least, for most of us, changing systems and processes is a bit of a hassle. So we made onboarding as easy as possible. Many of our clients can handle it themselves in less than a day, but if you want, our team is ready to help out through anything from digital learning sessions to full on-site setups anywhere in the world.

Dive into the details of how the different parts work:

Temperature compliance without the mess

Eupry brings together temperature compliance, monitoring, calibration, and mapping, under one roof. It is about removing unnecessary tasks and risky process gaps so you can always see what matters, have full control, and no tasks are overlooked.

Eupry helps us deliver high-quality products by helping us assure the quality of our processes and storage conditions.

Allan Toft Jacobsen, COO at European Sperm Bank.

FAQ about Eupry’s temperature compliance solution

Dive into the answers to the most common questions we are being asked about our temperature compliance solution.

What is Eupry's approach to temperature compliance?

Eupry's compliance solution integrates monitoring, mapping, and calibration into a single digital platform for all your temperature compliance, offering real-time data management and complete process control.

How it works

How does the automated monitoring system work?

Eupry’s monitoring system utilizes wireless temperature data loggers that constantly and automatically send data to the web-based platform via Wi-Fi, ensuring continuous, real-time monitoring.

What makes the calibration process the fastest?

The speed of our calibration process relies on the Eupry “sensor tip” that lets you calibrate by simply switching out the tip, and your calibrations are completed.

How the calibration process works

How does Eupry’s mapping solution supply reliable results with less work?

Eupry’s mapping solution for warehouses, fridges, and freezers provides real-time, reliable results using GxP-compliant, wireless data loggers and specialized validation software reducing the manual effort and error-prone nature of traditional mappings.

Can Eupry's solution adapt to changes in my operation?

The comprehensive range of sensor types, solutions, digital platforms, and flexible business model makes it easy to adapt the solutions to new locations, product types, clients, and other changes in your operations.

How are audit-ready reports generated and accessed?

All data necessary for audit reporting of your temperature compliance is gathered in the same platform. Export functionality makes it easy to turn it all into an audit-ready report for a specific time, specific equipment, or any other requests from your auditors with just a few clicks.

What types of data does the Eupry compliance platform include?

Eupry’s temperature compliance platform holds all your temperature data, across monitoring, mapping, and calibration.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Calibration certificates
  • Temperature records
  • Deviation documentation
  • Audit-ready reports
  • Mapping test plans
  • And much more
What are the financial benefits of using the solution?

The integrated and automated approach offers significant time, resource, and cost savings.

Get in touch to hear more

How does Eupry stay compliant with ISO, FDA, and other regulations?

We maintain compliance with regulations by building our solution based on standards, regulations, and guidelines from organizations relevant to temperature compliance, such as ISO, WHO, ISPE, FDA, and the like, and continuously staying up to date with regulatory changes.

How can Eupry’s temperature compliance solution help you meet regulatory standards?

We are so glad you asked.

Eupry’s temperature compliance solution integrates monitoring, mapping, and calibration in one, digital solution to simplify compliance.

The solution:

  • removes redundant tasks and processes.
  • minimizes manual work and subsequent mistakes.
  • gives you a single source of truth for all data (from temperature records to deviation reports and calibration certificates).
  • provides real-time monitoring.
  • lets you generate audit-ready reports in three clicks.

And much more.

Get all the technical details in our solution catalog

Temperature compliance without the mess

Eupry brings together temperature compliance, monitoring, calibration, and mapping, under one roof. It is about removing unnecessary tasks and risky process gaps so you can always see what matters, have full control, and no tasks are overlooked.