Temperature compliance made for pharma

Ever-evolving requirements and cumbersome, scattered processes: In the pharmaceutical world, navigating compliance can be as demanding as it is vital.

Eupry’s solution removes the mess from temperature compliance.

Don't just take our word for it

"We have saved around 50-70% of the time we spend on temperature monitoring."

Anders Rasmussen Senior Logistic Manager, Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

Tailored for the pharma industry

The service provides you with seamless temperature and humidity monitoring across all pharma sectors — be it R&D, GMP-compliant production, or GDP-regulated logistics.

Say hello to easy audits and complete compliance certainty with this accredited temperature monitoring solution tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.

Gain complete certainty that everything just works (compliantly)

Traditional temperature monitoring is slow.

And disjointed processes lead to errors.

Eupry’s solution is temperature compliance — monitoring, mapping, and calibration — done smarter.

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Initializing ...

A better process - cutting the clutter to always have the answers you need.

How it works

1. No installation hick-ups

You receive and install the amount of wireless data loggers relevant to your need. They are easy to install and a quality expert will be ready to assist if needed.

2. Manual tasks turned automated

The data loggers automatically transfer your data to the included cloud-based software. No more USB transfers.

3. Reliable deviation dealing

Real-time monitoring and customizable alarms let you act on critical deviations immediately. The deviation module automatically logs alarms to easily create NCRs.

4. All data instantly available

Track compliance on any screen, and download calibration certificates, temperature reports, and full audit logs with just a few clicks. ALL your temperature data is automatically archived and accessible in one place.

5. Calibrate without swapping devices

Calibrate in one go, ditch extra data loggers, avoid delays, and cut time spent by 70% with our patented technology allowing you to do calibrations without changing devices.

Hear what our customers say

“A short way of describing our experience with the solution is simply that it is really easy to use. Both to get started and to work with in day-to-day operations.”

Dorte Egeberg & Allan Toft Jacobsen Lab Specialist & COO at European Sperm Bank

What are the benefits?

  • Enjoy audits

    With Eupry, you can export all required auditing data in three clicks.

  • Minimize mistakes

    Removing mundane tasks means removing manual errors. We believe in compliance confidence.

  • Full process clarity

    Complete overview of every step of the monitoring process. Control the process to control the quality.

  • Obviously easy

    Why has temperature compliance become so complex? According to our customers, the solution is easy to learn, use, and pitch internally.

  • Someone to call

    Questions? Our temperature compliance specialists are on call when you need.

  • Financial certainty

    Get complete predictability through a subscription model and full equipment warranty. If it breaks, we will replace it (but it won’t break).

  • Adapt to your needs

    Subscription flexibility lets you scale when you – or your management – say it is time to expand on equipment or locations.

  • No compliance surprises

    ISO 17025-calibrated, ISO 27001-secured, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11-simplified – rest easy, you are fully compliant.

Client Testimonials

  • Eupry Aps provided (…) documentation to conclude that procedures and efficient controls to ensure compliance is in place and well-functioning as intended in all key areas/processes.

    ISO Audit Report, by Novo Nordisk

    June 2023

Customers worldwide benefiting from Eupry

Removing the mess from temperature compliance

Eupry is more than monitoring.

It is a digital system and water-tight process that gives you full control over all your temperature compliance efforts and collects all data in a single view – from temperature monitoring to data logger calibration and mappings – to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Less time sifting through the mess

One-click reporting, easy access to all the data you need, and digital storage of ALL your temperature data – from calibration certificates to temperature records and deviations. With everything accessible, it is simple to find the information that matters most.

Be on the forefront of compliance requirements

In pharma, keeping up with the development of compliance requirements is a vital but also cumbersome task. The temperature monitoring solution makes worrying about changes in the ever-increasing compliance landscape a thing of the past.

Our industry experts make sure the service evolves with the compliance landscape to always keep you one step ahead on the compliance ladder.

Client Testimonials

  • “We chose Eupry because they offer a cost-effective, turn-key solution that reduces a lot of wasted time. The solution digitalizes and automates all of our previously manual procedures.”

    Christina Andersen

    Quality Manager at DTU Health Tech

  • “With the audit trail, it is easy to process a non-conformity or prove that everything was within set parameters and have a report ready in compliance with GMP requirements.“

    Dora Adanic

    Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research

  • “The dialogue between our companies is great and feedback on queries is received right away with fast and effective response times.“

    Arjang Mehrdad

    Pharmacy Owner at Stevns Pharmacy

Free and automated calibration without swapping data loggers

Our patented calibration technology offers notable time savings by automating the process and eliminating the need for replacing your data loggers.

The system monitors your loggers’ calibration status and when it’s time, we simply send you newly calibrated sensors to replace the old ones.

Forget spare loggers and their limitations, calibrate all your gear at once, and leave behind the stress of tracking calibration statuses. Of course, you can also get an overview of your logger’s status with a few clicks.

But you don’t have to. We’ve got your back.

Eupry’s calibration process

1. You are notified

The system monitors your data loggers’ status, notifies you when it’s calibration time, and we send you newly calibrated sensors. No more worrying about keeping up with calibrations.

2. You replace sensors in seconds

The patented technology allows you to simply replace the sensor in each data logger without ever having to remove them from the unit – all your calibrations are now down.

3. Documentation is stored

The software automatically joins data, and calibration certificates are digitally stored and can be accessed and included in an audit-ready report with just a few clicks.

Smarter temperature mappings

Use our mapping solutions to save time, cut costs, and heighten your study quality. Go hands-on with a leased mapping kit and the specialized mapping software or let our specialists take care of everything for you.

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With the mapping solution, you will be able to:

  • Identify issues instantly to reduce risks and costly delays.

  • Generate a full report tracking the study.

  • Easily review certifications before the mapping.

How the monitoring software works

Watch real-time and historic measurements in a user-friendly, IT-validated online environment.

In the software, you can, for instance, find:

Client Testimonials

  • The calibration of the Eupry temperature loggers is easy and quick. I received a box with the new sensors (…) It took me under an hour to calibrate 40 loggers – including the time it took to find the refrigerators.”

    Kasper H. Christophersen

    Research Associate at Novozymes

  • “It was great working with the Eupry team. There was immediate assistance whenever required.”

    Krishna P. Kurada

    Quality Assurance at Sciegen Pharmaceuticals

  • “Even small fluctuations in temperatures can have an impact on the quality of our samples. Eupry gives us trustworthy insights into this, essential in our work to make cancer vaccines real.”

    Jennifer Bintz

    Research Technician at InProTher

Technical specifications for the data loggers

Find the equipment that fits your need – or let us help you decide.

The compliance components

All your compliance boxes? Consider them ticked. Plus, we keep you ahead as requirements develop.

Novo Nordisk audited

Compliance rated high by Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk audited our temperature monitoring solution and awarded it a “High” compliance rating.

Eupry Aps provided enough documentation to conclude that procedures and efficient controls to ensure compliance are in place and well-functioning as intended in all key areas/processes, and that management and employees displayed strong understanding and positive attitude in regard to compliance

ISO AUDIT REPORT by Novo Nordisk, June 2023

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance made easy

The system has a specialized 21 CFR Part 11 module and makes it simple to comply with the regulation.

  • Fully validated system
  • Digitally sign changes
  • Export audit logs

And much more.

Included calibration

Simple calibration without downtime

No more worrying about (inefficient) calibration.

Our patented technology reshapes the way data logger calibrations are handled to greatly simplify the process.

New calibrated sensors are sent when you need them to be replaced in seconds. Data is automatically merged and certificates are stored in the software.

No extra loggers, no downtime, and no fragmented data.

Choose between ISO 17025 accredited or traceable 3-point calibration.

The calibration is included in the service with no extra costs.

Particularly convenient is the automated calibration process where external calibrated sensors are replaced with new calibrated ones automatically

Eric Clausen Distribution Manager at Freja

Validated software

IT-validated compliance software your IT department will love

The monitoring software is fully validated to ensure that the software meets pharma industry standards and compliance requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11 and EMA Annex 11, reducing the risk of costly errors or data integrity issues.

Qualification protocol

IQ OQ Qualification protocol included

The included Qualification Protocol helps you achieve GxP compliance with a custom-designed process for temperature monitoring.

This ensures:

  • proper installation of the temperature monitoring system.
  • correct configuration of all settings.
  • effective procedures for managing alarms and deviations.
Data security

Secure storage of all your data

Data security is handled according to ISO 27001 and Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11 Framework standards. All data is encrypted using AES and stored with continual backup procedures for up to five years.

Personal data

Safe storage of personal data

Personal data is handled according to CCPA and GDPR standards, providing an extra layer of assurance for your data's security. Given the stringent regulatory landscape in the pharmaceutical industry, the need for compliant data handling is particularly high, which is why our service is engineered to meet the highest standards, supporting your compliance.