Testo Saveris 2 vs Eupry Premium

 Testo Saveris 2 Alternative

There are many temperature & humidity data loggers on the market. Here we give a fair comparison between the Testo Saveris 2 & Eupry Premium. Learn which option suits you the best.

Basically they’re both monitoring devices that provide you with data on the temperature status in storage rooms, fridges and freezers. The key difference lies in the post-purchase service as well as number of bonus features.

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Testo Saveris 2 vs Eupry data loggers

Testo Saveris 2

Testo Saveris and Eupry data loggers

Eupry WiFi Data Logger

Testo Saveris 2 vs. Eupry data logger:  Highlights

  • Eupry offers 730 SMS and unlimited email alerts per year per device.

  • Eupry provides free annual calibration by providing an instant device replacement.

  • Eupry provides more than 5 years encrypted data storage and backup, and the possibility to have unlimited users and locations.

  • Eupry’s laboratory is accredited according to the internationally recognised ISO / IEC 17025 standard calibration laboratories. 

  • Use Eupry in the Pharma industry with 21CFR Part11 functionality.

  • Eupry offers hardware guarantee in the whole subscription period.

  • Eupry’s subscription plans provide ongoing and proactive support online or by phone, saving countless hours per year.


Testo Saveris 2 vs. Eupry data logger: Calibration

Like any machinery, regular inspections are crucial to ensure temperature loggers accuracy and reliability. The majority of data loggers on the market do not include a calibration service, meaning customers have to make an arrangement with their supplier or a third party to ensure that their devices are calibrated each year. In cases where users forget or simply miss the annual deadline for calibrations, there is a risk of reduction in accuracy and reliability of the units. For companies working within food or pharmaceutical industries this could potentially lead to non-compliances with GDP (Good Distribution Practices). Read more about the importance of calibration here.

A standard calibration at Testo costs approximately 90€ per unit. The process can take up to 4-8 days during which customers have to arrange alternative solutions, e.g. by having spare data loggers in place whereas in Eupry calibration only takes 2 mins  and the customers get a new Eupry temperature data logger so they don’t have to look for another solution in the calibration period. Eupry relies on a subscription based concept. Once a year Eupry will replace Eupry’s data loggers with new, calibrated loggers and take the previous loggers back to the calibration lab. The annual calibration service is included in the premium subscription fee. In the standard subscription, the service is limited to three data loggers per year though. 

Eupry’s laboratory is accredited according to the internationally recognised ISO / IEC 17025 standard for calibration laboratories. This accreditation is recognised by almost all European countries. Regular inspections performed by the approved accreditation body, DANAK guarantees that Eupry offers accurate calibrations. Read more about how Eupry calibrates here.


Testo Saveris 2 vs. Eupry data logger: 21CFR Part11

If the company has to live up to 21CFR Part11, which almost all companies in the pharma industry has to, it can be difficult to make use of Testo Saveris 2, as the product has no option to enable a 21CFR Part11 functionality. On the other side, ALL Euprys products are designed to be used in the pharma industry and a 21CFR PART11 functionally is build in. Moreover, IQ, OQ and PQ documentation can easily be found as well.

Testo Saveris 2 vs. Eupry data logger: Temperature alerts

Testo and Eupry both deliver alert notifications via SMS and email, which is a massively time saving feature. Testo’s Advanced plan includes 25 SMS messages per logger per year. However, in cases where multiple staff members share an account, options of purchasing additional SMS packages are available.

 With Eupry Premium, there are 730 SMS messages included per device per year as well as unlimited email alerts. There is practically no limit on the number of SMS and email alerts that can be sent each year with Eupry.


Testo Saveris 2 vs. Eupry data logger: Multiple locations

With Eupry’s system it is possible to grant users access to different locations with user-permission levels. This means that an owner can manage several locations with multiple data loggers at each location at the same time. The owner can also choose which users should be given access to which locations and loggers, consequently enabling the owner to enforce a strict control of their Eupry setup.

 With Testo Saveris 2 it is possible to have different user-permission levels, but it is not possible to manage several locations at the same time.

 This is an important feature when comparing prices since it is possible to use the same Eupry software at numerous locations rather than just one. The feature is especially relevant for larger laboratories or pharmacy chains where a quality manager manages several laboratories or pharmacies.


Testo Saveris 2

Limited to just a user hierarchy

Eupry Premium

Hierarchy spans users, locations and profiles all with customisable access privileges


When installing Testo Saveris 2 you connect the WiFi data logger to the PC with a cable, fill in the required fields in the WifiConf.pdf found on the external drive SAVERIS 2. Lastly, you select the external drive SAVERIS 2 as your storage location and save the form data.

When you install Eupry loggers, you simply type in an authentication key belonging to data logger into the Eupry App as well as your password. No cables are needed.



Testo offers a hardware warranty for two years. Eupry offers the same warranty as well as a full hardware guarantee within the subscription period.


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Accurate identification

Eupry WiFi Data loggers are labelled with a unique serialised GS1 GRAI barcode that makes it easy to identify individual data loggers. Moreover, units are named with a first name, e.g. “Nathan”, “Billy”, “Margaret” and so on. This way it is easier for users to make sure that  their data loggers are located in the correct places. Moreover, Eupry’s support team is able to help the customer quickly since the names ensure that both parties are talking about the same devices.


Testo Saveris 2 is currently equipped with a QR-code only specific identifiable to a QR-reader on a smartphone. Eupry delivers an easy way to identify a data logger which is especially useful when having many data loggers.

Testo Saveris 2

Eupry WiFi Data Logger

Testo support vs Eupry support

You can always contact Eupry’s support centre for help and information – or the support centers of our partners. Their personnel are very service-oritented, able to assist with your minor and major challenges and help you with technical questions. Most support material from Testo Saveris is in the format of pdf documents, Eupry offers pdf documents as well however most customers enjoy using the online Support Centre easy accessible from the Eupry App.

Testo uses numerous different distributors, whereas Eupry uses a few to ensure the quality of the product and service for the customer. Euprys software makes it possible for our support team to help, even though the products might have been bought through one of our partners.


Product or service

It is possible to buy Testo Saveris 2 without any applied service costs. This is a good feature for customers who just wish to apply a few very basic monitoring features. As a Testo alternative, Eupry, on the other hand makes sure all compliance work is handled and taken care of without the customer having to do troublesome work to either gather data or calibrate to the right standards. 


Measuring temperature

Guaranteed accuracy is +/-0.5°C for both compared systems and will in many cases be even more accurate. The standard measuring range of Testo Saveris 2 is between -30°C to +50°C. With probes installed it is pushed to between -50°C to +150°C. The standard range of Eupry’s WiFi data loggers are -50℃ to +50℃ and -90°C to +150°C with probes installed. This makes Eupry WiFi data loggers able to accurately handle everything from ultra-low temperature freezers, to high temperature incubators.


Bottom line

Both Testo Saveris 2 and Eupry WiFi data loggers are very good at their main tasks. The main difference between them lies in the service. Eupry guarantees free annual replacement of loggers and ongoing support which are all included in the subscription price. With Testo Saveris 2 you need to pay an annual fee for calibration, where personnel support is limited. Eupry is unique in the way that compliance and temperature monitoring is combined. This combination is intended especially for large and small laboratories, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers who have to be quality assured. Eupry provides as a fine alternative for Testo Saveris 2.

We aim to be as objective as we can in this article to give a fair comparison between Testo Saveris 2 and Eupry Premium.

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