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Eupry for Laboratories

Use Eupry in laboratories for R&D, at Hospitals or for production according to GMP and GLP.  

Avoid time consuming logging and free up time for tasks that matter. With Eupry, accredited calibrations, real-time logging and online access is just a few features we offer.  

Customers worldwide benefiting from Eupry

Temperature Monitoring Device in mapping kit- Eupry

Automate Temperature Monitoring

Many laboratories use USB data loggers or wireless data loggers to document temperatures. It causes a number of follow-up tasks as an example:

Daily Handling:

  • Manual logging of temperatures
  • Make sure there are no deviations and alarms

Monthly or weekly periodic tasks:

  • Get log from cooler
  • Accept and handle any deviations
  • Scan or save log on a computer or in archive folder
  • Re-install data logger or log

Annual controlling tasks:

  • Plan and handle calibration
  • Manage calibration documentation
  • Check that all measuring instruments are working properly
  • Make sure that new employees or colleagues are trained to handle monitoring in case of holiday and illness
  • Services instruments and measuring equipment – a data logger has a lifetime of 4-5 years
  • Update instruments and software when the company updates operating system or receives new security measures

Protect Your Research

Eupry’s wireless data logger is used for logging temperatures in incubators, -80°C freezers, refrigerators, autoclaves and at room temperature. 

The system automatically sends an SMS or email if the temperature exceeds a predetermined value. The data logger is calibrated annually using Eupry’s fully-automatic calibration service. It’s easy and that’s why both large and small laboratories use Eupry’s systems.

The system is plug & play – one installation takes less than 10 minutes in most cases

With Eupry’s WiFi data logger, temperature monitoring, control, calibration and handling of deviations are carried out easily. You can monitor the temperature of your assets, from anywhere in the world. 

The data is stored for 5 years in an IT system specially designed for the healthcare industry. It’s easy and there are no startup costs. With Eupry, you pay annually for our service and there are no hidden fees or charges.

For GMP Production

Eupry demonstrated that it's possible to save 70% of the workload to ensure proper storage in laboratories

On a daily basis, quality personnel in laboratories must measure and control temperatures, generate reports and provide an overview to QA. In the event of deviations this typically requires a review, multiple calls and plenty of paperwork.

With Eupry, all this work is simplified and thus you can save more than 70% of the time normally spent. In addition to the time savings, Eupry has proven that an efficient automatic calibration process is the key to delivering significant savings.

Safeguard Your Resources Effortlessly

“DTU Veterinary Institute chose Eupry because the company offers a cost effective, turn-key solution that massively reduces wasted time. Previously, we would spend a lot of time self-calibrating thermometers.”

Christina Andersen

Quality Manager

Alarms via SMS and email

If permitted temperatures are exceeded, an alarm is sent out via SMS and email.

Qualification IQ, OQ, PQ

Eupry’s document package for qualification is used during installations.

World Class Support

As a customer of Eupry, we make sure that your system operates smoothly and we’re ready to help if needed.

Accredited Calibration

The data loggers are always calibrated. You can find the certificates directly in our system.

Gain the perfect peace of mind with Eupry's System

Eupry has gone one step further and created a world-class innovative system with numerous solutions to ensure easy data logging and quality assurance.

Eupry For Laboratories

Eupry’s datalogger is a leading solution in the laboratory industry, due to its high level of efficiency, time-saving in operations and cost-effectiveness in monitoring and support.

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