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Eupry enters into a collaborative agreement with DTU Vet

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The Danish entrepreneurial company Eupry has entered into a multi-year collaborative agreement with DTU Vet. According to the agreement, Eupry will deliver its total solution for automatic temperature monitoring to DTU Vet’s ultra-modern labs at Lyngby Campus.

The collaboration consists of Eupry delivering a fully integrated hard- and software solution, which will automatically and continuously monitor all temperature controlled devices in the new labs, ensuring that they maintain correct temperature. This includes equipment from deep freezers, refrigerators, and cold storage to climate and growth chambers.

In case of deviations from the predefined temperature, the system will automatically generate an alert as well as any necessary deviation documentation. Before the system will be implemented, Eupry will completely map out all cooling/freezing devices in the new labs, which will ensure correct installation of the equipment and correct placement of the individual wireless temperature sensors.

As part of the service, Eupry will also perform trackable calibration of all measuring devices for the entire duration of the agreement, ensuring correct measurements at all times. The calibration takes place in the company’s own, cost-effective, calibration system, which was developed with support from Innovation Fund Denmark.

In the spring of 2017, DTU Vet moved into a new 42,000 square meter building, which is DTU’s largest new construction.

Christina Andersen, QA Manager at DTU Vet says, “DTU Vet selected Eupry because the company offers a cost-effective turn-key solution that reduces a lot of time waste. Among other things, we have spent a lot of time doing our own calibration of the temperature sensors. The platform digitalises and automates a number of manual QA procedures for us”.

Christian Herschend Jacobsen, Co-founder of Eupry says, “at Eupry, we are very proud to be selected as suppliers for DTU Vet. We are already delivering our service to a great many pharmacies and hospitals. With its prominent position among Danish laboratories, DTU Vet is a very important reference client for us within the world of laboratories.

Eupry is a Danish IoT-minded development company that utilises the newest available technology to develop modern, user-friendly, fully integrated hard- and software solutions for monitoring, alerting, and documenting correct storage and transportation of vaccinations, medication, and food. Eupry is already delivering its solution to a great many pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, blood banks, labs, and players in the pharmaceutical industry.

Note: The article is from December 2017.

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