Setup your Eupry data logger

Please follow these steps to get set up.

1. Connect your devices to the WiFi

Follow the video guide in order to connect your devices to your WiFi network.

Network Requirements:

  • Network supports 2.4Ghz.
  • Router is DCHP enabled
  • There are available IPs

2. Add your devices to the Eupry Logger (Web App)

Follow the video guide in order to add your devices to our online web app, the Eupry Logger.

Recommended Web Browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

3. Download and read our user manuals (PDF)

Click here and log in using your credentials. Most used are Web App PDF (Guide to our online dashboard) and Data Logger PDF (Guide to the hardware).

We highly recommend reading through our user manuals to ensure the best customer experience.

4. Find more useful tips and tricks at the Eupry Support Center.

Find your user manuals (PDF) and more useful articles anytime, directly from your dashboard here. Log in to the Eupry Logger and select the โ€œsupportโ€ button.

The Support Centre can only be accessed if you are logged in to our web app, the Eupry Logger.