Temperature mapping kit

Eupry’s temperature mapping kit contains wireless data loggers and specialized mapping software. It provides you a real-time report to track the whole process.

Save time and money by using Eupry’s digitalized solutions.

Why choose Eupry's temperature mapping kit?

Eupry’s Mapping Kit has accredited DANAK ISO17025 calibration and 21CFR PART11 compliance. Additionally, it is easy to use and helps you save time.

Eupry’s mapping kit and corresponding app, allow you to set up all wireless data loggers with just one click. Calibration and certification for each logger can be downloaded and reviewed before conducting the mapping session, and there is no need to manually pair them with a certificate.

Eupry’s wireless data loggers allow you to track the process during the entire procedure. Therefore, your risks are reduced as issues will be identified immediately.

Temperature mapping kit in fridges, freezers and warehouses

Mapping is frequently used for a number of different applications. Below, the most frequent industries that are using mapping are shown.

Refrigerators & freezers

Mapping is typically conducted in refrigerators and freezers operating within -50℃ and +10℃. Eupry can also do this for ULT freezers operating down to -90°C.

Ambient warehouse storage

Ambient storage is used for products required to be stored at room temperature. This is typically defined to be in the range of 15° to 25°C.

Cold warehouse storage

Cold storage are refrigerated rooms or buildings used to storing products below the outdoor temperature. It is often used for food, that must be stored in temperature ranges between -50℃ and +10℃.

Solution for wireless temperature mapping

By using Eupry’s wireless data loggers and mapping software, the thermal validation process can be completed in only a few days.

We will help and guide you through the entire process, regardless of the number of locations or the size of them.

Online temperature mapping software

Using App.eupry.com you can view, document, manage deviation and your equipment. The temperature mapping software is FDA Part 11 Compliant and IT validated.

Sensors for temperature mapping kit

Our patented Aliio technology provides a full range of sensors to attach to wireless data loggers and facilitates the most cost-effective method for calibration.

ALIIO temperature Sensor

50°C to +50°C (-58°F to 122°F), Digital / Silicon bandgap sensor, Height: 33 mm (113 mm)

ALIIO humidity Sensor

-50°C to +50°C (-58°F to 122°F), Accuracy: ±0.1°C ±1.5% RH, Height: 33 mm (113 mm)

ALIIO temperature Probe

-196°C to +150°C, (-321°F to 302°F), PT100, Total Cable Length: 2.8m

Temperature mapping compliance settings

Every aspect of our service is about compliance. We offer a full suite solutions to fit your need.

FDA Temperature Mapping Guidelines

Eupry’s system makes it easy to comply with the CFR Part 11 regulation.

Meet the demands of the FDA and the EU in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry

• Digitally sign changes to the system • Export audit log • Comply with complex regulations in the easiest way possible


Choose between ISO17025 accredited calibration, traceable 3-point calibration or no calibration.

As part of Eupry’s service, new calibrated data loggers are sent annually. Old data loggers are simply replaced with new ones and sent back to us.

• Eupry’s automatic calibration service without downtime • Possibility of ISO 17025 accredited calibration • Calibration is included in Eupry’s service. No extra costs

Validated IT

Eupry’s software is innovative and validated.

IT validation is important for Eupry. If you want to see Eupry’s IT validation, we invite you for a cup of coffee at Eupry’s facilities, here you can go through our IT validation. • Innovative software must live up to the highest quality • Get by Eupry and review our IT validation

Personal Data

Eupry processes your data for the following purposes:

If you are a “customer” or a “user”, Eupry processes the following categories of personal data about you:

• Contact information such as e.g. your name, professional e-mail address, professional telephone number and professional physical address • Information about your professional situation • Financial information such as billing information

Qualification IQ, OQ

With the Eupry Qualification protocol, you can ensure GxP compliance, by utilizing a tailor-made qualification protocol for qualifying temperature and humidity monitoring.

• Ensure that the temperature or humidity monitoring and alarm system has been properly installed • All settings are done correctly • The organisation has implemented all operation procedures to handle alarms and deviations

Secure Data

Data security is extremely important to us.

We take data storage very seriously. Therefore, your data is stored in accordance with ISO 27001 and Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11 Framework.

• 5 years of encrypted data storage and backup Data is encrypted with AES. • ISO 27001 & Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex Framework compliant.

Everything you need to know about temperature mapping

Want to learn more about temperature mapping? Read our mapping guide that outlines all the steps you need to perform a professional mapping of your equipment.

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