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Use Eupry for Transport and Logistics according to GDP

Keep track of the documentation of temperatures and humidity with Eupry's automatic solutions: Calibration, Mapping, Monitoring

Freja Transport and Logistics uses Eupry

QES Manager, Eric Clausen:

“Eupry offers a very user-friendly day-to-day solution. Eupry delivers a turn-key solution that allows Freja to be much more effective in our compliance work, so that we can deliver high quality products to our customers. particularly impressed with the automatic calibration process where WiFi data loggers are automatically and annually replaced with new calibrated data loggers “

Freja bruger Eupry

Eupry for the Transport & Logistics Industries – watch the video:

Cold Chain Monitoring Made Easy


“The wireless thermometer is much easier to use than a USB data logger. I can always keep track of the temperature of my assets using Eupry’s website on my computer and smartphone.”

Gitte Søgaard, Buur & Søgaard, Medicine Distributors.

Eupry's easy to use wireless data logger

Improve Safety

Meet your compliancy requirements with ease and guarantee the safety of your assets.

Automate Manual Procedures

Save time and money by automating error prone manual procedures. Generate reports with a single click.

Streamline your business

Eliminate redundancy entirely – Eupry provides complete peace of mind.

DANAK Accredited Laboratory

Eupry’s WiFi data loggers are calibrated in our unique DANAK accredited laboratory using systematic and validated methods. The laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025. We guarantee precise calibrations and a high level of expertise and knowledge about calibration.

See our ISO17025 DANAK accreditation in English or Danish.

Guarantee an uninterrupted cold chain

Eupry’s wireless wifi data logger can follow your assets through every stage of the cold chain. The system sends an SMS & email to whoever needs to be notified in case of an alarm. Reports can be generated with a single click, whenever you need them.

The system is plug & play – one installation takes less than 10 minutes in most cases.

With Eupry’s WiFi data logger, temperature monitoring, control, calibration and handling of deviations are carried out easily. You can monitor the temperature of your assets on the move, from anywhere in the world. The data is stored for 5 years in an IT system specially designed for the transportation industry. It’s easy and there are no startup costs. With Eupry, you pay annually for our service and there are no hidden fees or charges.

Temperature monitoring system alarming and reporting

For GDP logistics

Adhere to Good Distribution Practice with Eupry. Data loggers are calibrated annually, Eupry can map storage facilities before installing data loggers. Live up to the FDA with our 21 CFR Part 11 module. The system is IT validated and data is stored securely.

Complete peace of mind

Alarms via SMS and email

Upon exceeding the permitted temperature limit, an alert is immediately sent via SMS and email

Quick, easy installation

Eupry’s system is the fastest to install in the industry

World class support

We are recognised in being able to deliver outstanding support. As a customer, we make sure your system is always running smoothly, we are here whenever help is required


The wireless data loggers are always calibrated and you can find your calibration documents directly in the system

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