DSV Sweden

DSV Sweden

1976, Denmark

DSV: Global transport and logistics: How DSV Sweden's logistics center reached GxP compliance for temperature-sensitive products with Eupry's temperature mapping solutions.

This is the story of how DSV Sweden’s new integrated and state-of-the-art logistics center became fit for its purpose of safely storing temperature-sensitive products with temperature mapping.

Located close to the airport, railway, and motorway, DSV’s new and modern site in Rosersberg north of Stockholm offers an entire range of transport and logistics services.

This new logistics center will become an essential player in the transportation of goods between the northern and southern sites of Sweden, avoiding most of the problems during rush hour traffic around Stockholm.

Further, allowing DSV to improve on both pick-up and delivery times.

However, in the construction of the new facility, where DSV’s three divisions, DSV Solution, DSV Air & Sea, and DSV Road will have their operations, an important matter had to be secured before taking the new facility into use: the guaranteeing and documentation of GxP compliance.

Thermal mapping enables the qualification of new temperature controlled facilities

Thermal mapping is crucial when storing products sensitive to temperature.

A temperature mapping study can determine whether the temperature-controlled facility meets the criteria set by authorities and auditors, and whether all locations in the room can be used for storing products.

Therefore, not only guaranteeing the GxP compliance but also ensuring the viability of the products in hand.

This task is especially important when the facility is used for the first time, as was the case with DSV Sweden’s new facility.

Temperatures inside temperature-controlled rooms can vary by several degrees depending on the location.

Is there a ventilation system, door, elevator, or window? Learning about your facility’s risk zones can, in other words, prevent products from going bad due to temperature fluctuations.

Thus, a temperature mapping study documents that the room always maintains temperatures within defined limits, giving a clear understanding of how the temperature-controlled room meets the temperature requirements, and which zones can be used for storing the temperature sensitive products and which cannot.

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A lengthy process, done quick and easy

The mapping process can be lengthy and prone to error. Some might find it a hurdle, and something that just needs to be overcome. However, Eupry has specialized in making this process as fun, easy, quick and time-optimizing as possible, saving the client from endless unnecessary hassle and worry.

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To do this, every new mapping study is initiated with a comprehensive analysis of the client and their field of area. Jakob Konradsen is the Chief of Quality at Eupry and oversaw the mapping of the new site in Rosersberg.

When we meet a new client, we always start the process by trying to understand the customer’s needs and familiarize ourselves with what their regulatory requirements are. We analyze this in concordance with what has been done previously in their area, and with what our own experiences are. Lastly, finding a solution that is as cost-effective as possible and where the customer will experience full compliance.

In fulfilling full compliance, flexibility is a key aspect of the mapping process. Something, that Eupry has learned after years of working on construction sites.

We experienced the Eupry team to be very flexible and responsive. This was very much necessary and appreciated, as our construction schedule ran into quite a few unforeseen bumps along the way before we could finalize the date for the mapping study says Joakim from DSV Sweden.

Jakob further explains, “In Eupry, we have experienced, that it’s the small things that contribute to the bigger picture.

Sometimes unexpected things happen, especially during construction projects, which is why we, at Eupry don’t see ourselves as inferior to our clients, but as business partners, with whom you can build a trusting and educative relationship. Flexibility is, therefore, something we put great value into.”

"Our support does not end with our report”, Jakob Konradsen, Eupry

Jakob Konradsen points out, “It is the client who is responsible for the choices, that are made. We have enormous respect for this and always keep it in mind.

Therefore, it is very important that the client understands – and are comfortable with – every step of the process; what must happen when and why, how much should they be involved, and basically what to expect.

This can be regarding the small things; how many loggers need to be used and where should they be placed, to the bigger such as the final report analysis”.

“The response times and availability from Eupry were very impressive. We have continuously been in contact with each other every step of the way.

They helped us carry out various tests and assisted in the interpretation of the data – coming up with suggestions or feedback on whether the results were compatible with our requirements. It was undoubtedly a well-put partnership”, says Joakim Sund, DSV Sweden.

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