Dependable temperature monitoring and compliance for pharmacies

Eupry is the most widely used solution for Danish pharmacies. Use the time where it makes the most sense – not on temperature monitoring!

With Eupry, pharmacies get a stable and trouble-free solution that ensures that all tasks related to documentation of temperatures have been completed. Save time and money with Eupry the preferred solution for Danish pharmacies.

Save valuable time and guarantee compliance

Eupry’s wireless wifi data logger is placed in refrigerators and storage rooms at the pharmacy. The system sends an SMS / email to the pharmacist in case of an alarm.

Yearly, the thermometers are calibrated using Eupry’s fully automated service. It’s easy, just ask our customers.

The system is plug & play – one installation takes less than 10 minutes in most cases

With Eupry’s WiFi data logger, temperature monitoring, control, calibration and handling of deviations are carried out easily. The data logger is installed within minutes, the pharmacy receives newly calibrated thermometers annually.

The data is stored for 5 years in an IT system specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s easy and there are no startup costs. With Eupry, you pay annually for our service and there are no hidden fees or charges.

20% of danish pharmacies are using Eupry







Client Testimonials

  • Efficiently Manage International Compliance “Eupry’s solution is by far the best in terms of user-friendliness, functionality and service levels, while the price is transparent and simple. Only with Eupry’s solution, can I now say that I am completely free from spending time on documenting temperatures.“

    Lise Larsen

Gain the perfect peace of mind with Eupry's system

Eupry has gone one step further and created a world-class innovative system with numerous solutions to ensure easy data logging and quality assurance.

Alarms via SMS and email

If permitted temperatures are exceeded, an alarm is sent out via SMS and email.

Qualification IQ, OQ, PQ

Eupry’s document package for qualification is used during installations.

World class support

As a customer of Eupry, we make sure that your system operates smoothly and we’re ready to help if needed.

Accredited calibration

The data loggers are always calibrated. You can find the certificates directly in our system.

Eupry for pharmacies

Eupry’s data logger is a leading solution in the Pharmacies industry, due to its high level of efficiency, time-saving in operations and cost-effectiveness in monitoring and support.

Watch our video and learn more.

Automate your temperature compliance

Bring together temperature monitoring, mapping, and calibration under one roof to remove risks and gain full control over your temperature compliance.