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Danish Technological Institute & Eupry are collaborating on Digital Calibration Certificates

Today, calibration results are usually communicated via pdf certificates issued by accredited
calibration laboratories, which can involve a large amount of manual processes in connection
with the transfer of data and checking of results. This means increased resources spent on
handling calibration certificates, as well as a greater risk of error.

The development and adoption of digital calibration certificates can solve many challenges with
digitizing the calibration process, especially if there is harmonization of standards in the

Based on a development project from the German PTB, Danish Technological Institute and
Eupry have entered into a collaboration on the harmonization and testing of digital calibration
certificates. In the collaboration, Eupry and the Danish Technological Institute will exchange
knowledge on experiences with digital calibration certificates, in order to learn more about how
digital calibration certificates can provide value for customers.

We are striving to involve Danish industry in the current international harmonization of digital
calibration certificates. This will both put Danish industry in front regarding uptake of the
technology and secure that any special requirements and suggestions from Danish companies
will be considered.Jakob Fester, Danish Technological Institute.

At Eupry, we are constantly working to be at the forefront of digitizing the calibration process,
and therefore we also see great potential in the collaboration with Danish Technological
Institute regarding digital calibration certificates.” Christian Jacobsen, CEO at Eupry.

Christian Jacobsen, CEO at Eupry
Eupry works with environmental monitoring and validation and has a mission to make
compliance easy and less time consuming. We believe that compliance should involve as little
manual processes as possible which are time consuming and prone to errors.
Christian Jacobsen
[email protected]
Jakob Fester, Konsulent hos Teknologisk Institut, Center for Installation og Kalibrering
Jakob works with digitalisation and calibration and is affiliated with the Danish reference
laboratories for several parameters, including temperature, flow and materials moisture. The
Center for Installation and Calibration focusses on supporting the general metrological
infrastructure in Denmark and, in particular, on the digitalisation area.