Warehouse Temperature Mapping

A warehouse temperature mapping study is carried out to prove that the storage area meets the temperature criteria set by authorities in GxP-regulated industries. On this page you can read more about what to be aware of regarding airflows, data loggers, and external factors when you perform a temperature mapping study in a warehouse.

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Be aware of "airflow issues" when conducting a warehouse temperature mapping

When performing a temperature mapping in warehouse, one of the important things that should be investigated is possible airflow issues. Especially at large warehouses there can be issues with airflows, which result in cold or hot zones. It can be caused by flows of cold air in some areas, or the lack of airflow in other areas. To properly determine where to place sensitive assets and where not to, possible airflow issues should be taken into account. Temperature variations can be expected next to air vents, doors and packing areas, etc. Therefore these areas are often of special interest.

Large amounts of data loggers are often needed in a warehouse temperature mapping study

Another point of interest is the number of data loggers used to perform the temperature mapping of a warehouse. When a large area is mapped, a large amount of data loggers is often needed. Care should be given when choosing the amount and position of the data loggers to ensure the detection of variations in temperature in different areas of the warehouse. WHO has issued a guideline that can aid in determining the amount and positions of sensors, which can be downloaded here.

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Consider "external influences" when performing mapping studies in warehouses

Another important factor is external influences. This could be from walls that are connected to areas of substantially different temperatures, or outer walls that will experience large temperature variations due to seasonal changes. Therefore, a temperature mapping of a warehouse is often performed at the coldest and hottest time of the year.

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