Temperature Monitoring Device for GxP/FDA Regulated Industries

Eupry’s temperature monitoring device is ideal for refrigeration / freezer temperature monitoring. The data logger and wireless system are designed to help you to meet FDA and GxP regulations. 

a set of temperature monitoring device

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Eupry’s  wireless temperature monitoring system is connected to a web-based software via Wifi. By automatically transferring data to the system, it allows you to remotely monitor several fridges, freezers and areas on the same time

The data logger and system are designed to meet GxP regulations. Let Eupry speed up your monitoring and compliance process.

Receive SMS / Email Alarm

Get informed right away if there is a problem, so it is possible to handle the deviation before it’s too late.

Alarms can easily be set with alarm limits of your choice. You can choose to be alerted via SMS, email, or both

Receiving SMS / Email Alarm for Refrigerator / Freezer Temperature Monitoring
Yearly Calibration for Refrigerator / Freezer Temperature Monitoring data logger

Receive newly calibrated data logger every year

When the temperature monitoring devices need to be calibrated, Eupry will send you newly calibrated devices every year, which saves you time on calibration and reduces risks during the process.

Select ISO 17025 or traceable calibration that fulfills your requirements.

Sensors for Our Temperature Monitoring Device

Our patent pending Aliio technology provides a full range of sensors to attach to our temperature monitoring device. The technology – as well – provide the most cost effective method for calibration.

Humidity sensor for Temperature Monitoring Device - Eupry


Humidity Sensor

-50°C to +50°C (-58°F to 122°F)

Accuracy: ±0.1°C ±1.5% RH

Height: 33 mm (113 mm)

Temperature sensor for Temperature Monitoring Device - Eupry


Temperature Sensor

-50°C to +50°C (-58°F to 122°F)

Digital / Silicon bandgap sensor

Height: 33 mm (113 mm)

Temperature prope for Temperature Monitoring Device - Eupry


Temperature Probe

-196°C to +150°C
(-321°F to 302°F)


Total Cable Length: 2.8m

Dioxide sensor for Temperature Monitoring Device - Eupry


Dioxide Sensor

 400 – 10,000 ppm

Accuracy: ±(30 pmm + 3%)*

Wire Length: 100mm

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Eupry Temperature Mapping / Thermal Mapping Customers

Download Eupry's Product Catalogue

Read more details about our temperature monitoring device and wireless temperature monitoring system in our catalogue. Get an overview of how Eupry’s products can help with automatic monitoring.

Product catalogue for wireless temperature data logger

Software For Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Eupry’s wireless temperature monitoring system is browser-based. Once data have been transferred to the cloud system, our software will automatically generate a real-time report.

It allows you to monitor temperature and humidity levels remotely or on site. You can also select FDA 21 CFR Part 11 to enable electronic signatures/records.

Software for wireless temperature monitoring system
Temperature Monitoring Device in mapping kit- Eupry

Other Products

Temperature Mapping Kit

A Thermal validation mapping kit for Freezers, fridges and storage. Highly suitable for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Let Eupry help you speed up the process of validation. 

Eupry In Your Industry

Eupry helps pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and other laboratories monitor their environments. We make sure medicine, vaccines, blood samples, etc. are stored under correct temperature and humidity levels.  

Various Industries Are Using Eupry's Wireless Data Logger for Refrigerator / Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Price Estimation

If you are not sure what kind of data logger suits you the best, our experts can provide  professional suggestions and price estimation for the needs.