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Fridge Temperature Log

The content of your refrigerator is often delicate medical products that need precise wireless temperature monitoring. You need to be alerted in time to fix critical temperature fluctuations long before any damage is caused by freezing or overheating.

You are looking for a wireless monitoring system that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your products are safe. You need a refrigerator with wireless data logging that is calibrated to the most stringent standards so you meet and exceed any external audits of your facilities.

Our Eupry WiFi datalogger is an industry leading product that provides pharmacies, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies with the highest level of monitoring and support.

The Eupry WiFi datalogger tracks historic changes and lets you view raw data as well as easy to understand graphs in PDF-format. Moreover, calibration of our dataloggers has guaranteed compliance with ISO 17025 regulations.

Does My Refrigerator Need a Wireless Datalogger?

Recent studies show that 20% of refrigerators used for storing medical substances freeze products. That is why temperature monitoring in refrigerators is very important. To prevent costly damage, it is also important to be able to receive alarms via SMS or email if the refrigerator is malfunctioning.

When our wireless temperature sensors alert you to changes as they happen, you are able to fix the refrigerator temperature in time to save your delicate and valuable products.

Eupry is a preferred solution to log and track temperatures in refrigerators for the medical, pharma and laboratory industries because we not only provide hardware of the highest quality: we provide a wireless temperature sensor that automatically lets you know in real time when changes in temperature happen.

What Does Eupry’s Refrigerator WiFi Datalogger Do?

•  Eupry’s WiFi datalogger is easily installed and can simply be placed on a shelf within the refrigerator.

• Monitor temperatures online and on your smartphone

• The wireless temperature sensor will constantly monitor temperatures and provide alerts of temperature fluctuations via SMS or email.

• The Eupry team has developed a unique, long-lasting device that runs for two years on normal AA batteries and lets you know when batteries are running low through text or email.

Easy data management

• Track and Record Historic Measurements

• The Eupry logger online app lets you track historical measurements. It is a sophisticated and user-friendly program that is free to use.

•  The data can be accessed as raw data but it is also compiled into graphs that visually chart historic fluctuations for quick and seamless review. These reports can be printed and exported in PDF format for management and compliance reporting needs.

• The data is sent to you in a highly secure and encrypted format and safely stored within the Eupry system for up to 5 years.

• The online system can be accessed by multiple users and has permission setting capabilities to let various levels of staff view the exact information that they require.

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Why Should I Choose Data logging with Monitoring Over a Regular USB Datalogger?

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One major difference between data logging with USB dataloggers and using monitoring systems such as Eupry’s WiFi dataloggers is that it’s not possible to receive alarms with USB dataloggers that are not capable of connecting to the internet.

Like USB wireless temperature sensors, Eupry’s wireless temperature sensors constantly monitor temperature even if your WiFi is not working.

With Eupry sensors, as long as your facility has access to the internet, you have access to real time updates of significant fluctuations.

Many refrigerators do not perform evenly over time. Refrigerator temperatures can often fluctuate significantly for a certain amount of time and then turn back to status quo before the change in temperature is even noticed.

This leaves you with hindsight knowledge, but can prevent you from making the changes you need in time to protect the contents of your refrigerator.

It is therefore always a good idea to monitor refrigerators that store delicate medicine and laboratory samples in real time.

USB data logger (fourtec Microlite)

Testo Saveris and Eupry data loggers

Eupry WiFi Data Logger

Why Should I Choose a Wireless Temperature Sensor over an Ethernet Enabled Refrigerator?

While most commercial refrigerators are not sold with any type of temperature sensors or data loggers, some refrigerators for medical and pharmaceutical use come equipped with an ethernet connection and an ethernet data logger.

The primary advantage of an ethernet data logger is that the refrigerator can be connected to centrally controlled monitoring systems.

The downside of ethernet loggers is the price. The refrigerators themselves are much more costly and onsite installation, as well as onsite calibration by the producer, drive the price even higher.

Eupry’s WiFi dataloggers can be connected to centrally controlled surveillance systems with our easy to use app and need no onsite calibrations. We will walk you through the steps and ensure that the process is fast and easy.

There is no point in paying a premium when you can get even better results for a fraction of the cost.

Is it possible to Calibrate a Eupry WiFi Datalogger?

Read more on Eupry’s state of the art calibration service here

Eupry dataloggers are automatically calibrated using traceable references. The calibration of our temperature datalogger is done with strict compliance to ISO 17025 specifications in order to verify that the datalogger is measuring correctly.

Every year, Eupry will provide customers with new calibrated dataloggers. The old ones are returned. With our subscription model, the calibration is always included in the price.

Calibration certificates for proof of compliance are located online and are easily accessed when needed.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Type of Refrigerator the Datalogger can be Used In?

Eupry’s WiFi dataloggers will work in all types of refrigerator brands. It does not matter whether it is a high profile medical refrigerator or a low-end consumer refrigerator.

Below are the most commonly used refrigerator brands in Labs and Pharmaceutical companies.

We have satisfied customers that use our dataloggers in all of these refrigerator types.

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Where Should I Place the Datalogger in the Refrigerator?

Most refrigerators will have a critical high spot as well as a critical low. It is important to place dataloggers at the points in the refrigerator that experience either the critical high or the low temperatures.

Therefore depending on the material you store in your fridge, go for the most critical of the two. If you have a refrigerator with significant fluctuations, you might consider getting an extra Eupry datalogger to place at both spots.

In order to locate the critical high and critical low temperatures, you must conduct a mapping exercise. This is a process that ensures you get the exact placement you need for your specific refrigerator.

To conduct the mapping exercise, you place the datalogger in one position for several hours without opening the refrigerator while monitoring the temperature and then move it to a new spot. Keep doing this routine until you have found the critical high and critical low temperatures.

How do I install the WiFi datalogger in My Refrigerator?

There are three choices when placing the datalogger in your refrigerator and each is equally effective.

•  The most common method is simply placing the Eupry datalogger on the proper refrigerator shelf.

•  It can easily be mounted with double sided tape from M3

•  It can be delivered with a mount to fix its position in the refrigerator with screws.

Ultimately, the placement of your datalogger and the choice of how to position it will be based on the dimensions of your refrigerator and the critical high and low points.

How do I Connect the Datalogger to the Eupry Monitoring System?

Connecting Eupry’s WiFi dataloggers is as simple as downloading the app on a smartphone and registering the device. This can be done by multiple staff across multiple locations. It lets management assign different levels of data access as needed by each individual employee. It helps different levels of the organisation ensure that the refrigerators are being properly monitored and adjusted and makes sure that relevant staff is notified about important changes.

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